Alcoholism among seniors a growing concern

Robert Mellen: Alcoholism among seniors a growing concern
Florida Today
He and hundreds of other seniors who are recovering from alcoholism regularly gather at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in south Brevard County. Dan cited another AA member who was sober for 22 years and who died recently at age 87. 

As painkiller addiction rises, stronger brand hits market
Shelby Township Source Newspapers
Dr. Kirk Brower, professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan and executive director of the U of M Addiction Treatment Services, said hydrocodone is one of the few opioids that do not have a longer acting formulation.

US shelter uses alcohol to combat alcoholism
Al Jazeera
A controversial project treating alcoholic homeless people in the US has yielded some surprising results. The programme in the city of Seattle has been allowing homeless shelter residents to use alcohol in order to reduce both alcohol use and ...

Brains may be wired for addiction
BBC News
Both the addicts and the non-addict siblings had the same abnormalities in the region of the brain which controls behaviour, the fronto-striatal systems. The suggestion is that these brains may be "hard-wired" for addiction in the first place.

BBC News

Siblings' brain scans may hold key to addictions
By Kate Kelland | LONDON (Reuters) - Drug addicts and their non-addicted siblings share certain features in the brain, suggesting a susceptibility to addiction is inherited but is also a flaw that can be overcome, scientists said on Thursday.

Drug addict guilty of strangling Chatham woman to death with belt
Kent News
A drug addict has been found guilty of strangling a young woman to death with a belt. Marcus Coates, 44, was convicted today of the manslaughter of 32-year-old Jennie Banner who was killed in her flat in Five Ways Court, High Street, Chatham, ...

Leslie Carter's Addiction To Prescription Drugs May Have Caused Death
Though the official coroner's report has yet to be released, sources close to the family have confirmed that the 25-year-old aspiring singer had been struggling with andaddiction to prescription drugs for quite some time, and had moved from Canada to ...

Mary J. Blige on Addiction, Her Marriage and Children
Mary J. Blige made her "Wendy" show debut and no question was off limits. Does Mary struggle with sobriety? Is her marriage to Kendu on the rocks? Plus, is motherhood in Mary's future? Take a look.

Son's gambling addiction lead to theft: court
Illawarra Mercury
A Far South Coast mother stole more than $1.1 million from her employers, using every cent of the funds to feed her son's crippling gambling addiction, Wollongong District Court heard yesterday. Diane Felkin spent nearly seven years defrauding a ...

Alcoholism prevention being researched
The Desert Sun
Research has shown that the lack of these skills may not be the direct cause for addiction, but that without the skills the development of drug and alcohol dependence is almost inevitable in the genetically susceptible. Dr. James West is a retired ...

Heroin Addiction In the Valley: Part 1
This is part one of a three-part series on heroin addiction in the Mahoning Valley. Local law enforcement will tell you that 80 percent of the street crime in this area is somehow related to drugs. And the biggest offender, the drug that more people ...

Crack addict was caught on camera stealing meat
Burton Mail
A CRACK addict stole meat from shops in order to fund his habit after falling into debt and depression, a court has heard. David Crofts, of Princess Street, Burton, was caught on camera stealing goods from two shops. The 31-year-old admitted two ...

Burton Mail

Addiction treatment clinic open in Abington
The Patriot Ledger
By Christian Schiavone A new addiction treatment clinic is seeing a steady stream of patients, many of whom received treatment at a Weymouth clinic until its owner was arrested and charged with scamming Medicaid. Massachusetts Wellness Group, at 360 ...

Drug addict asks for jail sentence
Salisbury Journal
By Journal Reporter » A DRUG addict asked magistrates to send him to prison after he was charged with possession of heroin. Duncan James Chaney, 31, was followed by police in an unmarked police car on August 4 last year and caught with eight wraps of ...

'Dangerous' drug-addict is jailed for knife-point robbery
This is Scunthorpe
When apprehended, Doughty, who has a £50-a-day heroin and crack cocaine addiction, told police that the money he stole was "in his veins". Prosecutor Jeremy Evans told the court that Doughty had entered the petrol station at 4.35am on November 25, ...

New District Addiction Treatment Center Challenges DC's Epidemic of Alcohol ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Aquila Recovery Clinic, a new evidence-based outpatient addiction treatment facility, has just opened its doors to address this gap in treatment. Offering medically-supported outpatient treatment, Aquila Recovery Clinic reaches individuals in the early ...

Girl born with no legs to meth addict mother completes first long-distance run ...
Daily Mail
Blighted by a tragic genetic condition - caused by her biological mother's addiction to meth- she was born with badly formed limbs and aged 11 months underwent a double amputation. For years she learned to walk using prosthetic legs but at the end of ...

Daily Mail

Drug addict school worker terrorised ex-girlfriends
Bury Times
A teaching assistant terrorised two ex-girlfriends while he was addicted to cocaine, a court heard. Samuel Lynch, aged 23, had subjected his two victims to campaigns of fear with threatening messages, demands for cash and vandalism to their cars, ...

Jail for heroin addict who admitted fraud against his former employer
This is Bristol
A HEROIN addict who posed as an employee of the company which sacked him to get money for drugs asked to be sent to prison so he can try to kick the habit. Sean Jones, 30, was fired from his job at Cabot Thermals Limited in Hanham but wore the company ...

The Latest Advances in the Science of Addiction
By Walter Armstrong Unlucky is (s)he who has both addiction and depression. But determining which came first can be daunting. Researchers at New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine wanted to explore this chicken-and-egg question behind mood disorders ...

Organization addresses young adults for their addiction problems
Laredo Sun
At the program, young adults are welcomed with addiction problems, between 13 and 17 years old, who stay anywhere between 30 to 120 days hospitalized for treatment of drug and alcohol. The UISD school district sends teachers every day to teach these ...

Laredo Sun

Drug addict jailed over failed bid to rob pharmacy
Irish Independent
A drug addict who was scared off by three women armed with a baseball bat and a steak knife when he tried to rob a pharmacy has been jailed for 13 months. Karl Fleming (40), of Limetree Avenue, Portmarnock, Dublin, pleaded guilty to the attempted ...

Alcoholic hit partner
This is Cornwall
AFTER drinking half a bottle of neat vodka, a 54-year-old man then assaulted his partner in Newquay. Martin McDonald had been teetotal until the age of 42 but then spent the last 12 years "in oblivion" after turning to drink, his solicitor told ...

Leslie Carter Was Battling An Addiction To Prescription Medication ...
By Perez Hilton
This just makes it all the more tragic. Although the autopsy on Leslie Carter has yet to determine the cause of her sudden death, sources close to the family have revealed that the sister of Nick...

Drug Addiction There is a Way Out | Prescription Drug Abuse
By Admin
A drug addiction is what is referred to when a person has a physical and/or emotional compulsion to use drugs. It's not a simple disease to understand and many soon realize after their personality and activities change that drug treatment is ...
Prescription Drug Abuse

Guide To Young Adult Drug Addiction Rehab |
If a teenager in your family is suffering the pain of drug addiction, you may want to explore what is on offer at a young adult drug program clinic. This is an excellent way to start the journey towards recovery. They will receive all the help and ...

The Way Out

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