Christopher Kennedy Lawford shares his experience: "treatment works"

Kennedy brings addiction fight
Kennedy brings addiction fight. Posted by: | 28 February, 2012 - 8:05 AM. 2. 4BC Breakfast: Christopher Kennedy Lawford battled substance recovery and alcoholism recovery for much of his early life. In recovery for more than 24 years, Kennedy shares his experience and treatment ...(audio)
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Homeless drug addict sentenced 10 years for manslaughter
Victoria Times Colonist
“It was a drug addict and drug pusher who came up with the idea of robbing Mr. Rouxel. It was a drug addict who committed the crime against him. It was drug addiction that put Mr. Rouxel in harm's way. The offender's own childhood was also marked by ...

'High:' an unflinching look at addiction
Lombardo's tough play about addiction, with Kathleen Turner in the starring role, begins a five-day run at Fort Lauderdale's Parker Playhouse on Wednesday. That's just one day less than the play lasted when it opened Broadway's Booth Theater almost a ...

Danniella Westbrook says drug addiction ruined her looks
Daily Mail
She told Closer said: 'I couldn't have gone through all those years of drug addiction and come out of it unscathed. It's aged me and it's done things to my face, but I'm lucky to be alive.' However, the former Dancing On Ice contestant doesn't appear ...

Daily Mail

JAM study highlights emerging problem in addiction therapy
A Journal of Addiction Medicine (JAM) study was cited in a recent Center for Substance AbuseResearch (CESAR) series highlighting an emerging problem in addiction therapy: the diversion and misuse of the medication buprenorphine.

Dealing with addiction in McDowell
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
By KATE COIL Bluefield Daily Telegraph WELCH — McDowell County officials met with state legislators and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin Monday to discuss the possibility of opening a drug-treatment clinic in the area. According to McDowell County Commission ...

Drunk driver who killed 2 back in custody after alcoholic relapse
Windsor Star
By Sam Cooper, Postmedia News February 27, 2012 Brian Craig Irving, a chronic alcoholic who suffered a brain injury prior to the crash, smashed his truck through the entrance of Halu Sushi restaurant in 2008. VANCOUVER — The man who plowed his pickup ...

Delray faces suit over denial of substance-abuse residence
Orlando Sentinel
By Peter Franceschina, Sun Sentinel A drug- and alcohol-addiction treatment provider is suing the city of Delray Beach for allegedly discriminating against people with disabilities, after being denied permission to house clients in a tony beach ...

Surgeons at higher risk of alcoholism
Chicago Tribune
The researchers also found that surgeons who showed signs of alcoholism were 45 percent more likely to admit that they had made a major medical error in the past three months. The researchers, led by Dr. Michael Oreskovich at the University of ...

Police: teen's drug addiction may have fueled bank robberies
"My understanding is that this poor young man has a drug addiction and that's probably what sparked his need or want for money," said Martinez. But regardless of age or motive, police said robbery is a crime that never pays. "The money is very minimal ...

Substance abuse group endorses Schneiderman's plan
Legal News Line
The TCA includes the major substance abuse treatment organization, Phoenix House. "Arguments that suggest only slight improvements in our current approaches and systems are well-intended, but insufficient," the TCA said. "The current system is not ...

Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports on SAMHSA Findings on Children and Alcohol
Midland Daily News
Birmingham Maple Clinic, providers of professional mental health services in Michigan, recently reported on research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which found that 7.5 million children in the US live with ...

Meth takes over lives in Northern Colorado, too
The Coloradoan
This oil painting by Fort Collins High School senior Angela Natraseveschi, 17, depicts one of the most common physical ailments associated with meth addiction: meth mouth. When she was a young teenager, Natraseveschi learned of her older cousin's ...

Addicts need support, not judgment
Temple News
Craig argues that society should do a better job of understanding substance abuse before passing judgment on those who suffer from it. Not that it's something to laugh at – unless you're on something – then it might make you a little giggly.

Drunk driver who killed 2, injured 6, ordered back into custody after ...
The Province
Irving, a chronic alcoholic who suffered a brain injury prior to the crash, was charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death, and seven counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm. He was found not criminally responsible in Oct.

9 signs you may be an alcoholic (and what to do)
According to them, we're all alcoholics and since we've already been judged guilty I thought I'd take this time to let you know just what the warning signs of alcoholism actually are. That way, you can know what to do in order to overcome them and keep ...


Community gathers to discuss addiction
Sarnia Observer
Ivan Skinn of the Sarnia Police speaks about drug addiction at a community meeting held Thursday at Central United Church. Skinn said painkiller addiction has become the largest policing issue in Sarnia. DANIEL PUNCH/ THE OBSERVER / QMI AGENCY By ...

Whitney, Josh and their disease
By Bob Gaydos (about the author) In a week filled with sometimes lurid,often fawning stories about the death of Whitney Houston, it was once again evident how little most Americans know about addiction or, in fact, how little they seem to care to know.

Families urge students to speak up about substance abuse
Nick Kerkes, 18, far right, a student at Steinbrenner High School ,listens with fellow students during a Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education presentation. Steinbrenner High School senior Kara Saunders, 18, holds her hand to her head while students ...

Children's welfare must come first
Marion Star
He got a girl pregnant at 17, has been in jail a few times and is an alcoholic. His 15-year-old daughter is immature for her age and constantly getting into trouble at school. Their mother is an alcoholic and a drug user.

Brains Wired for Addiction (No Kidding) and What This Says About ...
By Lynn E. O'Connor, Ph.D.
Addiction Is in the news again.. By Lynn E. O'Connor, Ph.D.... ... or should I say a recovering addict. Addiction, once it gets going, is a "chronic disease" as spelled out by the folk wisdom of 12-step self-help programs, and it doesn't go away, it just goes in remission when the addict stops taking drugs entirely. ... Years later, after they were flagrantly, actively alcoholic, they changed their stories, and suggested that they were somehow traumatized by childhood experiences. This then ...
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Addiction and Performance: the New Normal? | Arts and Health
Addiction and Performance: the New Normal? brings together world-leading research and cutting-edge arts practice, in an interdisciplinary, international conference that explores the connections between addiction and performance.
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Labelled as an Alcoholic and Discrminated - Ecademy
If you have ever been an alcoholic or labelled as one, what are the chances of loosing your job? Stereotyping is on most employers mind, are you one of them? The fact is that today alcohol is classed under mental health, and if you have ever ...
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Big Book Quote - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help ...
By Veritas1
... that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!" ~Alcoholics Anonymous, How It Works, pg. 63~ ...
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