Whitney Houston's Death: Hallmarks of a Battle Against Addiction

Whitney Houston's Death: Hallmarks of a Battle Against Addiction
Like most overdose victims, Houston had a long history of addiction. Her ongoing and distressingly intense battle with cocaine had received extensive media coverage. She had tried rehab at least three times; her latest stay was in May.


Soccer hall of famer reveals years of secret addiction
For more than a decade, the intense, meticulous coach was a crack cocaine addictwho lived in fear that his secret might leak out. The 48-year-old James, after three trips to rehab, lifts the veil on his addiction in a self-published E-book called ...


Bobby Kristina: A Child of Addiction (COA)
Huffington Post (blog)
Once addiction takes you over, it comes to have a life of its own. And it dictates the terms of that life. COAs, children of addicts, are part of the collateral damage of addiction. Because the addictisn't the only person who changes and who needs ...

Internet Addiction Could Be Warning Sign of Substance Use in Teens, Reports ...
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(February 13, 2012) – Adolescents who are "internet addicts" may also be at increased risk of substance abuse, suggests a study in the March issue of Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Whitney Houston and the struggle of addiction
Deni Carise, Ph.D. is chief clinical officer of Phoenix House, a leading drug addiction center. She is also a recovering cocaine addict. Whitney Houston, one of the most powerful and talented entertainers of her generation, is being mourned today as ...

Addiction Needs Help to Stop, Houston Tribute Soared, Chris Brown?s ...
MyFox Chicago
She thinks there were strong people in Houston's life that should have intervened if she was in fact traveling the road of addiction again. Both ladies agreed that you have to confront someone if this is happening, before its too late.

Denial about addiction affects loved ones, as well
Northwest Herald
This shows up in family sessions as shocked looks when we talk about addiction or outright angry headshaking. It sometimes shows up as APMA (apparent partial momentary agreement), a momentary flicker of the recognition of truth followed by an immediate ...

Counselor: Early Addiction Tough To Beat
CBS Local
However, her past problems with drugs have brought the topic of addiction back into the limelight WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with Dr. Conrad Aumann, a licensed youth counselor for the Macomb County court, who said that it can be hard for addicts to quit...

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Kim Richards Rehab, Alcoholic Admission Ignites RHOBH Reunion
Tonight Richards will tell Andy Cohen she suffered for alcoholism, admitting she was an alcoholicduring the filming of RHOBH season two. But Bravo has previously stated that Kim Richards' reason for rehab was alcohol and drugs.

Natural recoverers kick addiction without help
Harvard Health Publications (blog)
Many natural recoverers take these two steps: They find a new hobby, challenge, or relationship to help fill the void left by the addiction. It may be something they liked doing before the addiction took over, or something new.

Drug and technology addiction no different
IT News Africa
According to Dr Maymunah Kadiri, President of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) based at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba, addiction leads to several health issues. “Addiction causes marital discord, shallow relationships, ...

Nelson drug addict jailed for selling on pregnant woman's belongings
Pendle Today
Drug addict David Connelly, who had just come out of jail, had even come into possession of the hospital bag victim Natasha Williams had packed for the imminent birth of her second child. Connelly had got hold of the case, a haul of DVDs and a digital ...

Pendle Today

Addiction-treatment center closes
Hi-Desert Star
A residential facility in Joshua Tree, Panorama Ranch has been helping people recover fromaddiction for 36 years. Recent funding cuts forced its closing. JOSHUA TREE — The Panorama Ranch residential treatment facility for substance abuse closed ...

New Plan Created To Tackle Opiate Addiction
Seidle said her brother was trying to get money to feed his addiction. “This is a disease,” said Seidle. “We need to step up and we need to provide treatment.” Matt Morrison, a recovering heroinaddict, believed he is one of the lucky ones.

HAVE YOUR SAY: New stand on heroin at Footscray addiction clinic
Maribyrnong Leader
Picture: DAVID SMITH N33WT203 HEPATITIS C sufferers will be treated at the HeroinAddiction Clinic in Footscray for the first time. The clinic has started a three-year trial that will end the transfer of drug abusers to hospitals.

Maribyrnong Leader

'Hardcore gambler' sought help from Gamblers Anonymous in Oklahoma to break ...
Tulsa World
Counseling professionals interviewed by the Tulsa World said that gambling addiction affects the brain in a similar manner as cocaine or opiates, creating a rush or euphoria for the compulsive gambler. For some, the compulsion to gamble forces the ...

Former teenage drug addict offers counsel to his charges
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“I liked the way pot made me feel,” he wrote in the autobiography of a teen-aged drug addict that a publishing house released in 1990 and that thrust him onto the national talk-show circuit. “After just a few hits , time seemed to slow down for three ...

Demi Moore gets support from Melanie Griffith
New York Daily News
Melanie Griffith is the latest bold-faced name to offer support to Demi Moore as the "Ghost" actress reportedly undergoes treatment for addiction in an undisclosed location. "I think about Demi all the time," Griffith, 54, tweeted Saturday.

New York Daily News

Swanwick heroin addict stole power tools to feed habit
Mansfield Chad
A HEROIN addict attempted to steal power tools worth more than £1370 to pay for his habit. Mansfield Magistrates' Court was told how Shane Simons (32), of High Street, Swanwick, was seen passing the items over a hardware store fence to another man on ...

President and CEO of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Named ...
DigitalJournal.com (press release)
13, 2012 /CNW/ - The Toronto Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is thrilled to announce that this year's IABC/Toronto Communicator of the Year is Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO of the Centre for Addiction ...

And You Thought That Frat Boy You Hooked Up With Last Week Had Intimacy Issues
Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
His addiction has stripped his personality of all recognizable human feeling, which means Brandon has sex like an alcoholic drinks: frequently, compulsively and indiscriminately (seriously — anything on two legs). And just like your drunk Uncle Harold ...

High-Functioning Addicts More Common Than One Thinks, Reports Mountainside ...
SBWire (press release)
One of the first signs of a high-functioning addict is their ability to deny or justify their addiction. They may feel a sense of entitlement to use or drink more than the average individual. Their justification may be that their job is stressful and ...

Vacant buildings go up in smoke when frigid weather, addiction, homelessness ...
Asbury Park Press
Kevin Hayes (center), Fire Marshall in Long Branch, with his code enforcement officers Brian DiNero (right) and Richard O'Brien. They keep an eye on the many vacant buildings in the South Broadway area which were slated for the redevelopment which ...

Can you ever escape addiction?
LBC 97.3 (blog)
In light of the singer's troubled past, we asked you if addiction was something that could ever be overcome. Out of the many emotional responses, our stand-out caller was Shaun from Barking who talked about his lifetime experience of alcohol addiction ...

Mumbai's Bai's in the fray
Among those in the fray this time is Tanuja Raul, one of Mumbai's five lakh women who live in the slums and work in highrises. Tanuja works as a house maid for five families and hopes to address the issue of liquor addiction in slums.

Dr. Tian Dayton: Bobby Kristina Houston: A Child of Addiction: COA
By Dr. Tian Dayton
COAs, children of addicts, are part of the collateral damage of addiction. Because the addict isn't the only person who changes, and who needs help to become well. Family members too, struggle with not only the effects of living with addiction, ...
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Addiction and Willpower – Are They Related? | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
Society needs to gain a better understanding of the nature and difficulties of addiction – as well as the treatments available – in order to better help addicted people make the most promising lifestyle decisions possible. The following are some of the most important ways in which addiction and willpower are ... avoid drugs, but they can certainly make the decision to attend a treatment program. This can be a daunting and scary choice, but it is the most rewarding one an addict can make.
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Falling In Love Affects Brain Much Like Addiction, Scientists Say
By The Huffington Post News Editors
By: Linda Thrasybule, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor Published: 02/13/2012 08:55 AM EST on MyHealthNewsDaily Falling in love can wreak havoc on your body.
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The Story So Far — Feb. 13th Paul James' addiction bombshell ...
By Richard Whittall
For more than a decade, the intense, meticulous coach was a crack cocaine addict who lived in fear that his secret might leak out. The 48-year-old James, after three trips to rehab, lifts the veil on hisaddiction in a self-published E-book called ...
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Help fixing things with a somewhat alcoholic boyfriend? Please help ...
By LotusMarie
Hello, I was told I'd have better luck re-posting my previous post in this section rather than the general "alcoholism" section. Anyway, my. ... Help fixing things with a somewhat alcoholicboyfriend? Please help me?
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