DSM 5 Could Mean 40% of College Students Are Alcoholics

DSM 5 Could Mean 40% of College Students Are Alcoholics
The first, “substance abuse” is a short-term, self-limiting problem: it encompasses most heavy drinking in college. The second “substance dependence,” is what everyone else calls addiction or alcoholism and is typically chronic and marked by relapses.


Psychologists rewrite alcoholism definition
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
But the bad news is, you're probably also an alcoholic. Interestingly, people who partake in heavy drinking — even fully clothed — may now be considered alcoholics too. More qualifying symptoms of addiction are added to the mix.

Addiction Series: Shopping Addiction
The addiction series continues on KOLO 8 News Now. Experts say "shopoholism" affects many people and can destroy relationships, drain your savings and get you in trouble with the law. Every day, thousands of Americans swipe their credit cards, ...

Bloggernacle Back Bench: LDS Addiction Recovery Program's new website
Deseret News
So explains Larry Richman in introducing the new LDS Addiction Recovery Program website, one of the newest resources from lds.org. When clicking in, one is met with a stunning testimony from a recovering drug user and alcoholic named Rod.

Deseret News

Ankeny Council Gives Recovered Addict a Second Chance to Start Business
“I was a drug addict,” Hussey told the council. “But our justice system is accurate in many ways, and I'm proof that drug rehabilitation works." Hussey appeared at the council's special meeting to appeal the city's denial of a solicitor license he ...

Jessie Wallace falls for ex-crack addict: EastEnders star gets over wedding ...
But Jessie Wallace has emerged from the gloom with a smile on her face after finding romance with former crack addict Tim Arnold. And friends say she is head over heels in love with the musician, who nearly died while blowing £500 a week on drug binges ...

Is the 'Homeless Addict' Accurate or Stereotype?
Opposing Views
Just as there are different types of drugs, which appeal to different types of people, so too are there many different homeless individuals, of a variety of ages, races, and occupation, who may be more or less prone to addiction based on prior personal ...

Opposing Views

Jessie Wallace falls for ex-crack addict rock star
The Sun
EASTENDERS actress Jessie Wallace has found love again — with a former crackaddict who nearly died as a result of his £500-a-week drug binges. The soap star was devastated by her humiliating wedding day split from Vince Morse last August.

The Sun

Punjab plans de-addiction centres in all central jails
Hindustan Times
Jails in Punjab have for long been considered a haven of drug addicts, and the widespread menace has even been blamed for turning many non-addict inmates into habitual users of psychotropic substances and contrabands allegedly smuggled into the prisons ...

Kentucky Medicaid contractor to continue covering addict-treatment drug
The Courier-Journal
Medicaid contractor Coventry Cares halted its plans Monday to cut off payments for a high-priced medication that treats addiction, responding to legal threats over its drug coverage. Coventry announced that it will continue authorizing payments for ...

Drug addict jailed for stealing elderly woman's wedding ring
The Guardian
A drug addict who stole the wedding ring from the finger of an 87-year-old woman with cancer has been jailed for 14 years. Steven Kerr, 35, broke into his neighbour Nellie Holliday's home in the early hours of the morning when she was in bed and...

The Guardian

Norfolk opiate addiction cases fall
BBC News
The number of people in Norfolk addicted to heroin and painkillers is at its lowest level since 2006, figures have shown. Currently 1650 opiate and prescription painkiller addicts are seeking treatment - down from 2153 in 2009/10.

BBC News

How Do You Combat Video Game Addiction?
Opposing Views
As video games have become more accessible and are no longer played only by adolescent boys in their parents' basements, the phenomenon of video game addiction has become an increasingly relevant concern. Video games now offer a level of realism nearly ...

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EastEnders star Jessie Wallace finds love again with former crack addict Tim ...
Daily Mail
But Jessie Wallace has recovered from her heartache and found love again - with a former crack addict. The actress is dating musician Tim Arnold, who is the godson of her co-star June Brown who plays Dot Cotton, and is said to be inseparable from him.

Daily Mail

Finglas Addiction Support Centre opened by President Michael D Higgins
Dublin City University
The Finglas Addiction Support centre (FAST) was today officially opened by President, Michael D. Higgins. The centre works with drug users, recovered users, their families and the community in the Finglas area to provide the highest standard of ...

Dublin City University

Treating Nicotine Dependence as an Addiction
Evansville Courier & Press
According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, half of all cigarettes consumed in the US are smoked by people with some form of mental illness (which includes those with substance use disorders). However those with a mental ...

The Neuroscience of Bad Habits: Dr. Nora Volkow
Huffington Post
Volkow also was part of a 25-minute documentary on HBO around a range of issues related to addiction. In the 60 Minutes video, Volkow tells us that if it were so easy to just say "no," then we wouldn't have drug addiction or obesity.

Coventry Cares reverses course, will continue paying for addiction drug
Lexington Herald Leader
Matt Eyles, a spokesman for Coventry, said the company decided to reverse course after talking to representatives of a chain of addiction treatment clinics that threatened last week to sue Coventry. Anna Whites, a lawyer who represents SelfRefind, ...

Everybody must be addicted
Drug WarRant
If the change is finalized, anyone whose drinking or drug use creates any problems will essentially be an addict or alcoholic with a “mild” case of the disease and presumably, therefore, not someone who can learn control over his habits.

Teen blamed 'crack house' for mom's addiction, court told
London Free Press
By Galen Eagle, QMI Agency PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — A 17-year-old boy told police he wanted to burn down a “crack house” because he blamed the home for his mother's drug addiction. That was the impetus behind a $50000 fire, court heard Monday, ...

White Women More Likely Than Black Women to Smoke Cigarettes While Pregnant
And while lack of access to quality prenatal care, obesity, stress and other diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes play a role in those numbers, so does substance abuse. A recent report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services ...


How Psychiatrists Make Drugs More Addictive
Reason Online (blog)
Neither the current edition (DSM-IV-TR) nor the new one (DSM-V) has a listing for addiction per se. Instead DSM-IV speaks of "substance dependence" (of which "alcohol dependence" is one variety) and the less severe "substance abuse" (along with ...

Coventry Cares will keep paying for addiction fighting drug
Coventry Cares released a statement Monday saying they would continue to pay for the drug Suboxone after consulting with SelfRefind, an addiction treatment center. The drug Suboxone is used to help patients addicted to opioids such as Vicodin or ...

Psychologists rewrite alcoholism definition - Hot Topics - Beaumont ...
By raecheldawson@seattlepi.com (Raechel Dawson)
The New York Times reported Friday that American Psychiatric Association officials have decided to redefine alcoholism by rewriting the addiction manual — the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” or DSM-5. More qualifying ... One teenage girl told me about meeting someone who turned her on to cocaine while in treatment for marijuana; another young man told me how treatment was the source of his perception that “who I was, was analcoholic and drug addict.” ...
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Functioning Alcoholic husband
By valueadded
I have been married to a functioning alcoholic for 22years. My husband has a good job. Hes built up to 12 ... I know alcoholism is a disease but how can a spouse watch the others health deteriorate? How do you decide to stay or leave? Share ...
Talk About Marriage

Philosophical Disquisitions: Addiction and Responsibility (Part Two)
By John Danaher
As part of his defence of these theses, Yaffe discusses alternative views on the relationship between addiction and responsibility. One of those views claims that the situation faced by the addict is akin to that faced by the person who is under ...
Philosophical Disquisitions

Ground broken on drug, alcohol addiction treatment center ...
"We really need detox," said Darbe George, Lehigh County's drug and alcohol administrator, who added that between 400 and 900 addiction saddled residents are sent out of county every year. The recent economy, George said, has only ...
WFMZ-TV 69NEWS: Top Stories

Nightmare Date No. 3: Helping an "Addict" Hit Rock Bottom - San ...
By Vanessa L. Pinto
It has affected my relationship with my family, friends, and ultimately my relationships. But, Vanessa, you have to understand that being a pathological liar is an addiction, like being a coke addict or a heroin addict. So really, should you feel this ...
The Exhibitionist

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