Getting your loved one into drug rehab

Getting your loved one into drug rehab
New York Daily News
An addiction nterventionist is indeed a pro— every bit as important as the Cardiac Case Manager for someone struggling in recovery from COPD. S/he provides health care structure not only for the patient but for the family too.

New York Daily News 

Porn addiction can be unlearned: study
Sydney Morning Herald
In the first study of its kind in Australia, University of Sydney researchers say they have uncovered the severe impact of porn addiction on users and their families. But the researchers, Professor Raj Sitharthan of the University of Sydney's ...

Heroin Addiction, Deaths Affect All Areas of Lake County
By Claudia Lenart This map from the Lake County Coroner's Office shows where substance abuse deaths occurred in Lake County in 2010 as well as the residence of the individual. A 2011 map is not available. Screen Shot from Lake County Coroner's Office ...

Winners announced in youth substance abuse prevention video contest
Access North Georgia
Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Video Contest' for middle and high school youth walked the red carpet at the awards ceremony Thursday evening, May 10, 2012, at Gainesville State College's new Academic IV building. Sixteen teams of middle and high ...

Coventry Cares accused of illegally denying coverage for addiction-treatment ...
The Courier-Journal
SelfRefind, a network of addiction clinics, alleged that Coventry violated its state contract and federal law by denying coverage for buprenorphin — a narcotic commonly prescribed under the brand name Suboxone to ease addicts' cravings.

The 12 Steps as Therapeutic Tasks for Sexual Addiction Recovery: Steps 1, 2 and 3 (blog)
And it's not like the urban or online sex addict is limited in terms of sex and relationship addiction 12-step meetings, as today numerous groups can be found both in-vivo on and the Internet—each with a slightly different focus and population (SA, ... (blog)

Aid for treating opioid addiction, but no clinic here
Bennington Banner
The legislation, H.627, which originated in the House, calls on the state Department of Health to establish a regional system of treating opioid addiction. Bennington County Sen. Dick Sears, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, ...

Is Adult ADHD Linked to Addiction?
Although this research focused primarily on nicotine and alcohol addiction, the rate of addiction for all substance abuse, specifically drugs with stimulant properties, is much higher for ADHD sufferers than in the general populace.

Study reveals high price of smut addiction
By Simon Sharwood, APAC Editor • Get more from this author Habitual viewers of smut often mess up their lives, according to preliminary analysis of a new study conducted by University of Sydney academics, who believe the problem is caused in part by ...

Porn Addiction Can Ruin Life of an Individual and Also Their Family
TopNews United States
A first of its kind study commissioned by a team of researchers from the University of Sydney has proposed that porn addiction can be devastating for individuals and their families as well. It has been unveiled that the addiction can ruin or have ...

TopNews United States

Joe Nichols, 'Backstory' Preview: Singer Opens Up to GAC About Alcoholism and ...
The Boot
Joe Nichols has been very open with the media about his struggles with alcohol addiction, but never on such a hugely candid scale. On this Saturday's (May 12) "Backstory," the country star reveals to GAC just how much his life spun out of control ...

Carlisle addiction nurse overdosed on drug during affair with patient
News & Star
An addiction clinic nurse who overdosed on ecstasy during a drinking binge with a patient faces being struck off. Amy Sutherland met the man outside work but quickly realised he was being treated at the clinic where she worked.

Friday Poll: Is there a downside to your Facebook use?
Now that researchers say Facebook addiction may be a real thing, it's time to take a closer look at the double-edged sword of social networking. Is there a downside to all your Facebook use? by Amanda Kooser May 11, 2012 6:00 AM PDT Follow @akooser At ...

Drug Addict Arrested in Manhole Cover Stealing Spree: Sources
NBC New York
Modica told police that he is a crack and heroin addict and has been stealing the covers to sell for scrap metal and support his addiction. He told police he may have stolen more than 18 but could not remember because of his drug use, sources said.

Kelly Osbourne regrets putting parents through drug hell
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
AP Photo/Evan Agostini Kelly Osbourne deeply regrets the “disrespectful” way she treated her mother during her days as a drug addict, insisting it's one of her “biggest resentments.” The singer-turned-reality TV star battled an addiction to painkillers ...

Kelly Osbourne Drugs: Former Addict Reveals Her Biggest Regret
The daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne and TV personality Sharon Osbourne battled an addiction to pain killers and alcohol for over five years of her young life and entered rehab for treatment three times before finally getting sober in ...

Are you addicted to Facebook? Here are the signs
Vancouver Sun
Given the astonishing amount of attention Facebook receives, it's no surprise that addiction to the social networking site has also become a subject of significant interest. But until now, the phenomenon was the stuff of discussions around the water ...

Greg Oden's alcohol battle likely a result of injuries & threat to career
That second year in Portland, I pretty much became an alcoholic.” Of course, substance abusecan develop for a number of different reasons, but Oden's brief comment may reveal more than meets the eye - especially how his problems apply to athletes.

6 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook
The test, called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, is based on six basic criteria, where all items are scored on the following scale: (1) Very rarely (2) Rarely (3) Sometimes (4) Often and (5) Very often. The signs are: • You spend a lot of time...

Court Documents: Las Cruces Basketball Coach Confessed Addiction To Child Porn
KVIA El Paso
Court documents state Khan told investigators he used to work as a counselor for juvenile sex offenders in Mesa, Ariz., and that's where he started watching child porn and developed an addiction. Prosecutors from the District Attorney's Office told ...

Teacher claims she was fired over sex and alcoholism discrimination
CHATSWORTH, GA - A Northwest Georgia teacher claims she was fired because she's a woman and an alcoholic. Jennifer Zeigler, 45, filed a federal EEOC discrimination complaint against the Murray County School system after they fired her for a DUI arrest ...


Ohio to Merge Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services | CRC ...
By CRC Health Group
Ohio Gov. John Kasich has announced his intention to merge the state's two departments that currently provide substance abuse and mental health services.
CRC Health Group Blog

Will Legalizing Narcotics Increase Addiction Rates? | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
Despite serious discussion on the subject among public and private institutions, legalizing narcotics in the US is unlikely to occur anytime soon – primarily out of fear of significantly increased abuse and addiction rates. However, there is no ...
Recovery First

Q&A: How do I deal with an addiction to pornography? | The 5 Love ...
By Chapman Team
Question: I have been struggling with pornography for a while and I know it hurts my girlfriend. What are some steps to deal with this in the context of a.
The 5 Love Languages®

Josh Saunders | Galaxy's Josh Saunders in substance abuse ...
Goalkeeper Josh Saunders will be lost to the Galaxy for an indefinite period after being enrolled in Major League Soccer's substance abuse treatment program.

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