Top 5 Reasons Women Relapse

Top 5 Reasons Women Relapse (blog)
“Sex, love and relationship addictions commonly co-occur with substance abuse and are often an unrecognized cause of relapse,” explains Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, an internationally known author, sex addiction specialist and educator, and the creator ... (blog)

Celebrities who battled addiction and won
WCVB Boston
While the world of celebrities is filled with stories of those who lost their battles againstaddiction, not all celebrity addictions have an unhappy ending. Here's a look at some stars who have fought addictions and won.

Richard B. Luarkie is the governor of the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico.
New York Times
Although alcoholism shows no bias and afflicts people of all walks of life, the prevalence of it on reservations has brought with it stereotypes and degrading views of Native Americans. Sometimes it seems as though the perception in mainstream society ... 

Addiction Series: Drug and Alcohol
She's also a recovering alcoholic. It was 27 years ago this August, her life changed forever. "I cracked open a Coors Light on a hot summer day and I looked at the beer and I said I can't do this anymore," Barbara says. The night before, Barbara says ...

Survey: Teen substance abuse down, reports of bullying, thoughts of suicide ...
The Oshkosh Northwestern
CHICAGO — How about a national championship game in Detroit? Or Minneapolis? What about Boston or...- 11:00 pm NEW YORK (AP) — To much of the world, it was Monday. To Mario Batali, it was Day Four.- 7:36 pm By RICK CALLAHAN- 8:04 pm Fewer students ...

Veterans, Addiction and PTSD: Let's Talk About It
Huffington Post (blog)
For veterans struggling with substance abuse, getting help can seem all but impossible. The stigma attached to addiction and trauma keeps too many veterans out of treatment -- whether it's the warrior ethos that's been instilled throughout their ...

What are the Signs of Prescription Addiction?
Opposing Views
Regular use becomes abuse, which ends in full-blown addiction and dependence. There are, fortunately, warning signs of prescription drug addiction. If you notice them in yourself or a loved one, it may be time to consider finding professional help.

Opposing Views

How to Address Alcoholism on Indian Reservations
New York Times
Liquor stores and beer companies can't prevent alcoholism or smuggling. The reservation, however, could address the social and economic causes. When the products sold by companies harm a community, they have a special responsibility to mitigate the ...

New York Times

Drug addiction helped cut Spokane woman's life short
KXLY Spokane
Kala Williams' friends and family want to remember her as a bright, outgoing person who had ambitions of being a nurse, and not the person who struggled with drug addiction whose life was cut short. Neighborhood children found Williams' body Sunday at ...

New guidelines redefine alcoholism, addiction
New guidelines defining addiction may amount into 30 million more people being classified as having some sort of addiction. (Source: CNN) Most health advice has us feeling guilty over our indulgences. Fortunately, having a few beers now and again is ...

Cracking addiction: Moving to a new phase, away from friends
Tulsa World
Offenders who need drug treatment but don't receive it are 29 percent more likely to be rearrested in the 36 months after they're released from prison, according to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Drug addiction threatens Russia
St. George Daily Spectrum
Russia is being inundated by a wave of drug addiction that threatens to overwhelm the entire society. The addiction rate among the Russian population is one of the highest in the world. The government acknowledges 2 million addicts but NGOs and the ...

New guidelines redefine alcoholism, addiction
WNEM Saginaw
Entertainment News from AP New guidelines defining addiction may amount into 30 million more people being classified as having some sort of addiction. (Source: CNN) Most health advice has us feeling guilty over our indulgences.

Warning signs of gambling addiction
But this can occassionally lead to people spending beyond their means and the potential for gambling addiction. Dr. Scott Bea is a psychologist at Cleveland Clinic. He says people should look for warning signs of gambling addiction in themselves and ...

Addiction is an illness and must be treated
Martinsburg Journal
Addiction is an illness, and treatment for those who want help isnt't free. They get out, try to find help and a job, get turned down, look for help to feed their families, can't find any, can't even get food stamps to feed their children in the state ...

Second chance for drug addict
This is Kent
A COURT has decided to give drug addict Tabitha Saker a final chance to prove herself after hearing she was making good progress beating her heroin addiction. Saker, 21, of Malvern Road, Temple Ewell, made repeated appearances before courts last year ...

Cumbrian addiction charity celebrates first anniversary
News & Star
It was founded in May last year by service user development worker Allison Taylor – and within six months had secured new flats for people who are recovering from drug and substance abuse. Allison, who has worked in housing and substance abuse for 10 ...

Good Is Good: What Is An Addict?
I am fond of the definition of addiction which goes, “someone who does something over and over again expecting different results.” The alcoholic goes on a bender entirely convinced that this time will be different. He'll be able to control his drinking...


WCBS 880 Special Series: Bad Medicine – Part 4 – Ex-NBA Star, Drug Addict Now...
CBS Local
WCBS 880 reporter Irene Cornell is doing an extended series on drug abuse, called Bad Medicine: When Painkillers Kill. The series will run through May 23. Be sure to check for her pieces if you miss them on-air.

CBS Local

The Recovering Addict
When we become addicted to a particular indulgence we must wean ourselves from the addiction by abstaining completely until we have recovered. The vow serves to reinforce the discipline that is required for such abstinence. We now understand why the ...

New Study on Early Substance Abuse
CBS Local
St. LOUIS (KMOX) - A local study finds early substance abuse may be linked to lower educational achievement. Washington University researchers — led by Julia Grant — looked at data from more than six thousand twins and found that those who began ...

CBS Local

New program to help police officers, firefighters looking for help with ...
"I was in the middle of alcoholism and drug addiction and I was indicted by the federal government for doctor shopping," says Riley. Riley lost his job and ended up in rehab. In 2009, he created Safe Call Now , a confidential hotline for police ...


Ohio mental health care idea has local support
Marietta Times
John Kasich's proposal to merge two state agencies providing mental health and addictionservices has broad support locally, but one agency says it's yet another change to an already complicated system that could impact them financially.

Letter: I understand how prescription addiction is taking toll across country
Since that time I have been more and more concerned about what I see happening. I have known friends who have been prescribed these drugs and seem never to get off of them. This form of addiction is a major problem in the United States.

Frank LaMere is an activist and a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.
New York Times
Any action short of shutting down Whiteclay and crippling the enterprise that peddles alcohol among the Lakota people is unacceptable. The death toll exacted on the Lakota people by Anheuser-Busch and its partners continues to rise, and the sooner the ...

Many Problem Drinkers are not Alcoholic « The Reality-Based ...
By Keith Humphreys
Ian Urbina of NY Times kicked off a big debate about addiction with his piece on how changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will affect diagnostic prevalence rates. The diagnostic criteria still aren't yet finished, ...
The Reality-Based Community

Crazy DSM guidelines on alcoholism - Metamagician and the ...
By Russell Blackford
Crazy DSM guidelines on alcoholism. I should make nannying a theme of this blog. I get fed up with the constant attempts to treat people's legitimate choices as pathological. These proposed, guidelines would reclassify as alcholics very large ...
Metamagician and the Hellfire Club

Substance Abuse a Top Non-Combat Medical Condition Leading to ...
By Join Together Staff
By Join Together Staff | May 16, 2012 | Leave a comment | Filed in Alcohol, Drugs & Military.Substance abuse is one of the top non-combat medical conditions that result in hospitalization for U.S. troops, according to a new Pentagon report.
The Partnership

Get Reliable Treatment for Addiction | Healthy Is Important
By admin
Addiction is part of health problem. It can be caused by alcohol and drug. Once you are addicted to them, you cannot recover the side effect easily. You need to struggle hard for long period of time to recover your body. However, you can do it ...
Healthy Is Important

My alcoholic husband doesn't love me
By M~Angel
I have moved out of my house, I left my highly functioning alcoholic husband because I could't stand by and watch anymore. ... What you seem to forget is that an addict loves their drug (alcohol in his case) more than they love anything else.
Talk About Marriage

American Psychiatric Association redefines definition of alcoholism ...
By Doris Taylor
Twenty million more Americans –including 40 percent of all college students— could be considered alcoholics by this time next year.It's not that more people are drinking, but rather a change in the definition of alcoholism. – Hampton Roads News...

Addiction's Blind Spot | Psychology Today
When talking about systems of addiction or compulsive dependence, one of the ... comes out of constancy—it's no coincidence that Alcoholics Anonymous has a ...

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications | DrugFacts ...
Comorbidity: Addiction and Other Mental Disorders · Drugged Driving ... Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction ... Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction ...

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