Should I Leave My Alcoholic Husband? [VIDEO]

Should I Leave My Alcoholic Husband? [VIDEO] | YourTango
By jacksinger
If you're at the end of your rope with an alcoholic husband, you've come to the right place. In this video, Author, Psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Jack Singer answers the question: My husband has a serious drinking problem and it ...
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The Dilemma of the Pregnant Addict
New York Times (blog)
The addicted mother trying to protect her unborn child from the impact of her withdrawal has no clear option, as Ms. Calhoun made clear: The recommended treatment for opiate addiction during pregnancy is a controlled dosage of methadone, ...

Galaxy's Josh Saunders in substance abuse treatment program
Los Angeles Times
By Kevin Baxter Goalkeeper Josh Saunders will be lost to the Galaxy for an indefinite period after being enrolled in Major League Soccer's substance abuse treatment program. The Galaxy was informed last Friday that Saunders would be unavailable to play ...

Painkiller addiction becoming more common in infants, study shows
Christian Science Monitor
Painkiller addiction is becoming more and more common in infants, according to a recently released study that shows that the number of US babies born with opiate drug withdrawal has tripled in the past decade. By The Associated Press / May 1, ...
Christian Science Monitor

Addiction: 60 Minutes' first live Facebook chat
CBS News
Dr. Volkow give answers and guidance on issues of drug use, abuse, addictionand treatment, and the following is a transcript of those questions and answers. Dr. Volkow was profiled by Morley Safer last Sunday in his story, "Hooked.

CBS News

Substance Abuse Conference features recovery: A proactive approach to drug ...
Eastern Arizona Courier
Steven Reidhead, formerly of Thatcher, addresses the audience at the seventh annual Graham/ Greenlee Substance Abuse Conference held at the Gherald Hoopes Activities Center on April 25. Reidhead is a recovered drug addict of eight years and now spends ...

Painkiller Addiction in Newborns: 1 Drug-Addicted Baby Every Hour
Christian Post
By Jennifer Riley , Christian Post Reporter Painkiller addiction in newborns is a much more serious problem than previously thought with one baby born addicted to such drugs every hour, according to a new study released Tuesday.

Josh Saunders out indefintely
Galaxy forward Edson Buddle was suspended three weeks and sent to an assessment program for substance abuse after he was convicted of drunk driving in 2005, when he played for the Columbus Crew. New England Revolution captain Shalrie Joseph missed six ...

More US babies being born into opiate addiction
Catholic Online
By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) A horrifying medical statistic is that more babies in the US are being born with symptoms of opiate withdrawal than were seen a decade ago. The number of newborns with neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS tripled ...

Former drug addict, a Fall River native, helps others on path to recovery
Fall River Herald News
Recovering drug addict Stephen Ellis is seen here near the offices of High Point Treatment Center on Post Office Square. By Marc Larocque Stephen Ellis, 41, is a Fall River native who knows the depths of drug addiction, once imprisoned for six years ...

Oake's addiction story brings tales of 'hell' and hope into the spotlight
Globe and Mail
When Mr. Oake, host of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, stepped forward to tell The Globe and Mail of his son Bruce's fatal addiction, it resonated with parents across the country. Mr. Simkin, the father of a 32-year-old-addict, was one of them.

Globe and Mail

Addiction expert weighs in on surge in babies born with drug issues
Monsters and
"Our country is being flooded by a tidal wave of painkillers being prescribed by well-meaning but essentially clueless physicians who don't think about where these pills end up down the pipeline," says Robert Waldman, MD, an addictionmedicine ...

Monsters and

Mother's painkiller addiction causes baby drug withdrawal
Dubai Chronicle
This is caused due to a surge in pregnant women's painkiller addiction. The study of the problem is first of its kind. The number of newborns with drug withdrawal symptoms increased from a little more than 1 per 1000 babies sent home from the hospital ...

Painkiller Addiction Increasingly Common In Newborns
International Business Times
Getting the babies over their addiction could take weeks or even months and often requires long-term hospitalization. The cost of treating drug-addicted babies increased from $190 million in 2000 to $720 million in 2009, according to the study, ...

International Business Times

Crown Advises College Students and Their Parents to Consider a "12-Step ...
Sacramento Bee
This year, as student debt has surpassed credit card debt, Crown is proposing a "12 Step" Program for families who may soon be in over their financial heads. "The next great debt bubble to explode in this country will be student loans.

Sex addict strikes twice in Germany: What is nymphomania?
Instead, recognised clinical conditions attributed to those with an obsessively high sex drive are “hypersexuality”, “sex addiction” and “compulsivity”. It is estimated that six per cent of the UK population are sex addicts, and one in five are women.

'16 & Pregnant': Myranda Struggles To Trust Her Addict Mother With The Baby ...
Huffington Post
Myranda's mother suffered from alcoholism and a history of drug abuse. During the pregnancy, her mother relapsed and started missing appointments, causing Myranda to cut her out of the process. She didn't even allow her mother into the delivery room.

Infants Suffering From Opiate Addiction Withdrawal On The Rise
Despite rising health costs due to NAS, the country is obligated to help these newborns, as they “have made no choices around drug abuse and addiction” and are “the most vulnerable and the most blameless” members of society, said Marie Hayes, ...


Galaxy GK Josh Saunders Enters Substance Abuse Treatment Program, 'Out ...
SB Nation
By Jeremiah Oshan - Editor May 1, 2012 - LA Galaxy goalkeeper Josh Saunders has entered a substance-abuse treatment program and is "out indefinitely," according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Saunders missed the Galaxy's last game with what was ...

SB Nation

Then and now: one west-side addict's account
Chicago Reader
About ten or so years ago, Tasha, now a fortysomething grandmother and recovering heroin addict, was shot in the calf while looking to pick up on the west side. The bullet hit a major artery, she told me, raising her pant leg to show a fearsome scar, ...

Chicago Reader

Painkiller Addiction Afflicts U.S. Newborns in Increasing Numbers
Many US newborns suffer from painkiller addiction. Many babies are born to mothers who took too many painkillers, and they suffer withdrawal symptoms when they no longer get the drugs. In fact, some of them have to take methadone.

Report: Josh Saunders in MLS substance abuse treatment program
That's how sports' substance abuse programs work. You don't hear about the problem until a player has taken steps to correct it, however those steps come about. LA Galaxy goalkeeper Josh Saunders is now on that road, his surprise weekend absence from ...

Number of Babies Born with Opiate Addiction Rises in US
Medical Daily
A related study published in BMJ's ADC Fetal and Neonatal Edition says that methadone given to pregnant women to relieve pain resulted in fewer cases of drug-related addiction in the newborns. However, C. Sharpe reports that complications were seen in ...

Soccer By Ives: Report: Galaxy's Saunders in substance abuse ...
By Adam Serrano
According to the Los Angeles Times, the Galaxy 'keeper has checked into a substance abusetreatment program and will be unavailable for the Galaxy until he completes the program. A team spokesman declined comment on Tuesday ...
Soccer By Ives

ALCOHOL REPORTS: Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous: The ...
By Loran Archer
An international website dedicated to providing current information on news, reports, publications,and peer-reviewed research articles concerning alcoholism and alcohol-related problems throughout the world. Postings are provided by international ... Most (72%) had abused drugs and alcohol, and 36% had never received substance abuse treatment. They now reported a mean duration of ... Associations Between Adolescent Alco... Metabolic profiling of an alcoholic fatty liver in.

Intolerance of Desire - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction ...
By Terminally Unique
Originally Posted by Alcoholics Anonymous, 1st Edition. In our belief any scheme of combating alcoholism which proposes to shield the sick man from temptation is doomed to failure. If the alcoholic tries to shield himself he may succeed for a ...

Husband's addiction
By worriedwife14
I just recently found out about my husband's addiction to vicodin. It shook me pretty badly. We've been talking (and a lot of crying). He was glad I found them, though he is very ashamed and embarrassed. He didn't think he could quit on his ...

Getting Help To Deal With A Marijuana Addiction
By Bridget
Getting Help To Deal With A Marijuana Addiction. by Bridget on May 1, 2012. Millions of Americans every year become addicted to marijuana. While some proponents of the plant claim that it is benign and not a threat, others are not so sure.

Canadians 'empathetic' to those with mental illness, addiction ...
Most Canadians have a friend or family member with a mental illness or addiction and believe the government should do more for people struggling with such problems, a new survey has found.
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'Anti-alcoholism' drug cleared for use in France « Ethics & Health ...
By Sabina Bhate
“PARIS (AFP) – French health authorities have approved the use of a drug, originally designed to treat nervous spasms, for the treatment of alcoholism on a 'case by case' basis. AFSSAPS, the regulator that authorises drugs, said that while the ...
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A cure for addiction? - 60 Minutes - CBS News
60 Minutes on CBS News: A cure for addiction? ... Institute on Drug Abuse Director Nora ...

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