Drug Addiction is a global problem

Dangerous Neighborhood: Ecuadorian Youth Falling Prey To Drug Addiction
International Business Times
Ecuador's schools have become a sobering reflection of the country's deepening drug problem amid student overdoses and a negative feedback cycle of dropouts dealing to their peers in school. Dangerous Neighborhood: Ecuadorian Youth Falling Prey To ...

International Business Times

Drug addiction fuels kinder cash grabs, police say
The Age
A man who allegedly stole women's handbags as they dropped their children off at kindergartens in Melbourne's north was trying to fuel a drug addiction, police say. The 34-year-old from Coolaroo kept watch as mothers parked at the front of kinders, ...

Drug Addiction Rises in Lahore, Pakistan
I came across an interesting little tidbit about drug use in Lahore, Pakistan today. I once read a really fascinating book about Lahore, called "The Dancin.

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