John McAfee's Last Stand

John McAfee's Last Stand | Threat Level | " . . . From then on he felt like he was always one step away from a total breakdown, which finally came at Omex in 1983. He was snorting lines of coke off his desk most mornings, polishing off a bottle of scotch every day, and living in constant fear that he would run out of drugs. His wife had left him, he’d given away his dog, and in the wake of what he calls a mutual agreement, he left Omex. He ended up shuttered in his house, with no friends, doing drugs alone for days on end and wondering whether he should kill himself just as his father had. “My life was total hell,” he says. Finally he went to a therapist, who suggested he go to Alcoholics Anonymous. He attended a meeting and started sobbing. Someone gave him a hug and told him he wasn’t alone. “That’s when life really began for me,” he says. He says he’s been sober ever since. . . ."

The Real John McAfee: Four Hours in South Beach With the World's Most Wanted Man - Page 1 - News - Miami - Miami New Times: "When McAfee finished his interviews, he was swarmed by tourists. Then a young Puerto Rican cab driver named Franklin Camacho approached, offering to drive him around on his errands. "You look too clean-cut to be a cabbie," McAfee said. When Camacho explained he was a recovering alcoholic, McAfee said he was too. "If you're a 'friend of Bill's,' you're a friend of mine," McAfee said, jumping into Camacho's cab. I jumped into the front seat, while a female reporter from the Miami Herald sat next to McAfee in the back. . . ."

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