Signs of Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction : Living Green Magazine: " . . . Behavioral Signs - Changes in behavior can often be a result of drug or alcohol use. A teen who is doing drugs or alcohol will likely have mood changes or emotional instability. They might be hostile, easily aggravated, or uncooperative for no apparent reason. They may also avoid interaction with family members or friends, or on the other hand, never seem to be home at all. Also look out for extreme exhaustion, as certain substances can cause them to lose hours of rest. None of these alone is a cause for concern, but you should always take note of anything strange. Physical Symptoms - Teens are often characterized by being overly concerned with physical appearance. Teens generally want to look a very specific way, especially when their friends are around. If this describes your child, but all of a sudden disappears, then it might be a cause for alarm. Aside from a messy and careless appearance, physical signs of drug and alcohol addiction include red, flushed cheeks/face, burns or soot on hands or lips, dilated pupils, excessive sweating and of course, track marks on appendages. Personal Habits - While he/she may not notice it, you might be able to catch specific personal habits that could clue you in on nefarious activity. Look out for avoiding eye contact, clenching teeth, locking his/her bedroom doors, secretly texting or calling on the phone, voracious appetite, cash flow issues, and regularly breaking curfew. . . . "

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