The Truth About Heroin

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Drug Addiction | Oregon | Solutions Recovery: "Research from across the nation shows that treatment reduces crime and medical expenses while boosting employment, meaning every dollar spent on treatment actually saves an average of $7. “There’s absolutely solid, irrefutable evidence that there is a savings — always — in funding addiction treatment and prevention,” said Karen Wheeler, addiction programs administrator for the Oregon Health Authority. “You pay one way or the other.” That philosophy fuels Oregon’s nationally reputed system of addiction care that officials, health experts and treatment professionals say provides lessons for Kentucky as it struggles with a crippling prescription drug-abuse problem and an overwhelmed treatment system. . . ."

Northland faces an epidemic in opiate drug addiction | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota: "“You wake up every day and you need something,” Pirkola said. “And you call around: Usually somebody knows somebody who has pills they’ll sell, or there are people that will get a good deal from somebody and gather them up, and they’ll go sell them. “I had unlimited pills,” he said. One of the reasons it was so easy to get the drugs: More opioid painkillers are being distributed in the Northland and in Minnesota than ever before, a joint News Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press investigation has found. Narcotic prescriptions used to combat pain nearly doubled from 2005 to 2011, when there was enough oxycodone and hydrocodone distributed in Minnesota to provide 18 pills for every man, woman and child. That’s up from two pills per person in 1997. Though Minnesota ranks low overall compared to the rest of the country in opiate use, its impact on the state has been no less devastating. . . ."

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