Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction

Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction
Marquette Tribune
“This is most relevant to the field of drug addiction, as substance abusers often report that (despite their best efforts) they fail to stay away from drugs of abuse because of stress or aversive life events.” According to the National Institute on ...

Drug tests aimed at welfare recipients should help, not hurt
Jeff King, R-Independence, included language that those people on public assistance who test positive for drugs would be required to complete drug addiction treatment and job skills training before receiving additional payments. The program reportedly ...

Government to Place More Interest in Drug Treatment - Houston Forward Times
Forward Times
Although President Obama has yet to declare an end to the 40-year-old war on drugs, he has placed the weight of his office on viewing drug addiction as more than just a criminal justice issue. Last Wednesday, Obama released his 2012 National Drug ...

Counseling is key to healing
Worcester Telegram
Too many people are still unaware that drug addiction and alcoholism are conditions that can be treated, just like we treat other health disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. I urge anyone who has the passion and commitment to help those with ...

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