Swiss recipe for dealing with drug addiction proves a success

Swiss recipe for dealing with drug addiction proves a success
Sydney Morning Herald
Life throws up many contradictions and conundrums but human society always works best when it tries to manage rather than obliterate them. Swiss drug policy provides a good case study. At the Harm Reduction International Conference in Vilinus ...

Candle light vigil held against drug abuse
This event is to raise awareness about the menace of drug abuse in the state and to sensitize people so that a movement will start against it”, he said.He said the vigil is being held under the slogan “From Darkness of Drug Addiction towards the Candle ...

Drug harm-reduction strategy cuts number of injection users
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver's progressive approach to drug addiction over the past 15 years is working, says a major report obtained exclusively by The Sun and based on comprehensive health and safety data. Produced by scientists from the Urban Health Research ...

Recovery is still possible
Latrobe Valley Express
A MESSAGE of hope underpinned a Latrobe Valley focus on recovery from drug addiction last week. At the same time a leading expert in the field welcomed looming statewide drug and alcohol reforms. A Recovery Walk was staged through the streets of ...

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