Anti-drug policies need new, comprehensive approach, says nuncio

Anti-drug policies need new, comprehensive approach, says nuncio
U.S. Catholic magazine
Current policies surrounding drug abuse, addiction and related crimes must be transformed to hold perpetrators responsible and encourage individuals and communities to make better decisions, he said. "The global illicit drug problem has become a ...

Tom Sizemore faces his drugs demons
Irish Independent
Tom Sizemore has opened up about his drug addiction. 14 June 2013. Tom Sizemore has revealed he was prompted to seek help for his drug addiction problems when he looked in the mirror and was terrified by what he saw. Also in this section. Itzin on 24: ...

Discovery Could Speed Creation of Less-Addictive Painkillers
Everyday Health
The receptors are important because the opioids that bind to them can help reduce pain, and they play a big role in drug addiction. The receptors are exceptionally hard to study because not every cell contains a painkiller receptor. They have been ...

Police offer free rehabilitation to drug users
Jakarta Post
Rikwanto said on Thursday that the police in cooperation with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) had started a program to help drug users cure their addiction. “We have launched the program in observance of the National Police's anniversary that falls ...

Local center helps female drug addicts
Thousands of people struggle with drug addiction throughout the Panhandle. But, the Downtown Women's Center in Amarillo is doing all it can to help out local women. The program is designed to help keep recovering women off the street. The ABBA House ...

A day in the life of the drug team
Warrington Guardian
“We believe in a full recovery, not just from addiction, but from unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence. “Drug use may be one small part of the problem that is going on. “It's a massive challenge but we are trying to treat the whole person ...

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