Silent addiction, Babies at risk

Silent addiction: Babies at risk
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
The use of narcotics has gone up dramatically in Indiana, with the number of prescriptions for somedrugs up more than 700 percent in a decade, and prescriptions for methadone up 2,061 percent – nearly double the national increase for methadone in the ...

Why the war on drugs has been made redundant
The Guardian
But what makes this a revolution, rather than simply a market innovation, is the scale and speed ofdrug development. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction reported 73 new substances last year, meaning new highs were hitting the market ...

Another good reason for Medicaid expansion
... expansion through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Here's a really important one: Medicaid expansion would provide coverage for almost 8,000 New Hampshire citizens who have substance use disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction.

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