Lawyers at high risk of alcoholism, drug use, depression and suicide

Rash of Kentucky lawyer suicides concerns colleagues | The Courier-Journal | " . . . “They learn that justice is not always done. Innocent people are abused and some go to prison. People guilty of terrible wrongs go free,” Cunningham wrote. “They worry that all the lost hours and missed holidays with family and friends ... do not matter. ... They become like a weak-kneed boxer in the 15th round. They keep flailing away. But they lose purpose. They lose hope.” Lanny Berman, director of the Washington-based American Association of Suicidology, said the competitiveness and perfectionism that make good lawyers — and the lack of fulfillment many lawyers feel in practicing law — put them at high risk of alcoholism, drug use, depression and suicide."

Drug addiction devastates society, stresses anti-narcotics exhibition
Gulf Today
Colonel Khalid Al Kawari, deputy director of the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics, Dubai Police, said, “The Awareness and Prevention department of Dubai Police seeks not only to inform people about the destructive effects of drugs but also educate ...

Fargo native gets noticed for drug addiction research
Dickinson Press
FARGO — A North Dakota native is at the forefront of research that could someday lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Ryan Bastle is a graduate of Fargo South High and the University of Minnesota Duluth working toward a ...

Highway to drug addiction
Deccan Herald
Not only is the City's underbelly mired in couriering and peddling drugs, the well-to-do are also at the crossroads of the malaise. Wearing different hats and being a hotbed of transformation, Bangalore is tired. Tired of bearing people's thoughts ...

Medicaid expansion could help fight drug, alcohol addiction
Citizens Voice
HARRISBURG - Getting Pennsylvania to participate in the federal expansion of Medicaid coverage will provide new funding to tackle the problems of drug and alcohol addiction which are a root cause of crime, a Lackawanna County judge told a House ...

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