Addiction at South by Southwest

Addiction at South by Southwest
Though I'd heard about a South by Southwest 12-step meeting during my previous two visits to the festival, this was the first year I actually had the time to try to find it. Since I'd gotten the sense from a friend that it was only for ├╝ber famous ...

Mom's last resort: Opiate antidote saves addicts' lives
Linda and John Wohlen of Massachusetts have struggled with their son Steven's opiate addiction. Linda Wohlen used naloxone, an opiate antidote, to revive Steven from a heroin overdose. By JoNel Aleccia A powerful antidote that can reverse the ...

Addiction Update: Going to Pot: the gateway?
This column reflects my personal views, experience and research. It is not affiliated with or representing any other entity, public or private. This begins a six-part series on marijuana. Proposition 215, which essentially legalized the drug, ...

Insider Trading Case Involves Secrets Shared Among AA Members
ABC News
The SEC is claiming that the violation of trust and confidentiality required to prove insider trading occurred between members of Alcoholics Anonymous. The SEC says Timothy McGee and Michael Zirinsky, both registered representatives of Ameriprise ...

ABC News

Addiction experts warn against online gambling, casinos
Addiction experts are warning against Ontario government's plans to build a new casino and offer online gaming, saying increased access to betting will only exacerbate problem gambling. The cash-strapped government announced plans this week to generate ...

Sexual Addiction: Real or Myth?
Huffington Post
A new book is coming out titled, The Myth of Sexual Addiction, by David J. Ley. In it he talks about how sexual addiction is not real. I disagree. While it is true that sexual behaviors get labeled as sexual addiction when they are not, and that sexual ...

Updated Website Brings Hope to Those Who Are Dealing with the Effects of Addiction
Houston Chronicle
Many people feel lost and out of control as the result of the effects of addiction. Now can help those who struggling with addiction, as well as their family and friends, to locate the assistance that is needed to begin ...

Expired grants, donor cutback lead to closing of substance abuse program
Lincoln Journal Star
After 50 years of working against the disease of substance abuse, the Lincoln Council onAlcoholism and Drugs will close at the end of the month. The LCAD board of directors decided to dissolve the nonprofit organization March 30 because two federal ...

Oklahoma faith communities help those with addiction problems
Instead, it elevates the needs of the addict. Mar 9After decades of succumbing to addiction, an Oklahoma... The state Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Department maintains a reach-out hotline for people seeking assistance with substance abuse ...

After battling alcoholism, Eustachy thriving at Southern Miss
Manhattan Mercury
Eustachy, who led Iowa State to back-to-back Big 12 championships, was an alcoholic, something that started when he was 17 years old. "They say when you start drinking you stop maturing," Eustachy said at the podium of the Consol Energy Center on ...

Older Adults at Increased Risk of Gambling Addiction
PR Web (press release)
Problem gambling, also known as gambling addiction or compulsive gambling, is defined as the urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. It's estimated that 1-4 percent of the population is at risk for developing gambling ...

Heroin addict known as 'Holiday Bandit' admits to 2010 bank heists, sentenced ...
New York Post
By MITCHEL MADDUX A California man who became one of New York's most-wanted criminals after launching a Christmas season bank robbery spree to finance his heroin addiction was sentenced today to 15 years in prison. Marat Gennady Mikhaylich, 36, ...

Addict sentenced to prison for property crime spree
Greeley Tribune
I can beat my addiction,” Kinsey said in his sentencing hearing. “I have a plan for a better future. This is something I will do.” His plea deal called for a 10-year cap in prison, which Weld District Court Judge Thomas Quammen gave him, ...

Seminar on Addiction and Eating Disorders
Santa Fe College
He is also certified in Addiction Medicine and Adolescent Psychiatry and is a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist in Mental Health. He received his Medical Degree from University of Iowa Medical School, in 1982, and completed his Internship and ...

Marc Lewis: On his addicted brain's drama, biology
San Francisco Chronicle
There's no shortage of memoirs about addiction, but Marc Lewis brings a unique perspective to the genre. In recounting his struggles as an addict, Lewis integrates his studies as a neuroscientist: "Memoirs of an Addicted Brain" explains the brain ...

Drug addict Ben Phillips convicted of hiding body after overdose
Kent Online
by Keith Hunt A drug addict has been convicted of perverting the course of justice by moving the body of a man who overdosed on heroin to a garden and leaving it under a tarpaulin. Ben Phillips had previously admitted the manslaughter of 34-year-old ...

Kent Online

7 Addiction Memoirs: Books About Hitting Rock Bottom
Huffington Post
Meanwhile, she was struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, which eventually led to a major health scare—a stomach ulcer that ruptured while she was on the toilet. She describes her rock-bottom moment in detail in her new memoir, ...

Addict is told he 'must be honest
This is Kent
A DRUG addict has promised to get help after being caught lying to his probation officer. Lee Balchin, 41, of Ewell Avenue, West Malling, was arrested for drug possession and admitted it in court, despite telling his offender manager that he was ...

Alcoholics Anonymous Tie Cited By SEC In Inside-Trading Case
Financial Advisor Magazine
(Bloomberg News) A Philadelphia investment adviser is facing US Securities and Exchange Commission claims that he led a group that used nonpublic information divulged by an Alcoholics Anonymous confidant to profit from a 2008 merger.

Alcoholics Anonymous Reveals Insider Trading
According to the the SEC, McGee learned about an acquisition through a conversation with anAlcoholics Anonymous sponsor and friend who confessed to great stress and workload related to the acquisition. In turn, McGee and his colleague at Ameriprise, ...

When a 21 Year Old Admits Addiction | KOSU Radio
By Ben Allen
When a 21 Year Old Admits Addiction. Filed by Ben Allen in Feature, Local News, Science. March 15, 2012. “Hey man I'm going away for a little while. I don't think I will be back until fall.” Going away? 21-year-old college students don't just go ...
KOSU Radio

Is Empathy An Outdated Concept? | Addiction Recovery
By David Sack, M.D.
I believe empathy deficits may also partially explain the ongoing unkindness we see toward stigmatized groups like drug addicts, despite a now-robust body of science that shows addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failing or personal ...
Addiction Recovery

My Name Is John, And I'm An Addict — The Good Men Project
By John Taylor
“My name is John, and I am an addict.” These words used to mean so much more when I was active in a 12-step program and in my own recovery. They used to mean more than just another part of my self-description. Nearly eight years have ...
The Good Men Project

Oklahoma Watch: Former addict helps others in recovery
So I thought I wasn't an addict. That's for people who are criminals." When she entered detox, her plan was to get just healthy enough to return to her old habits. She had pre-paid for her heroin, and the dealer promised to hold the drugs for when she was released. .... THE ISSUE: Oklahoma ranks near the top of the list in several categories of substance abuse and addiction, bringing to light a problem that state and national authorities say is too often overlooked by the public.
Oklahoma Watch

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