Strength in numbers for sober travelers

Strength in numbers for sober travelers
They decided to try to see if they could vacation alcohol-free with Sober Vacations International, a Sherman Oaks, California-based travel agency offering sober vacations on land and at sea. "It felt a little bizarre initially, since our ski trips had ...

Majerus reflects on medication mix-up, addiction to food
But he also spoke briefly and seriously about his addiction to food. Asked about his health entering the NCAA tournament's round of 64 in light of the overnight hospital stay, Majerus, 64, described it as simply precautionary.


Do you love food or are you a food addict?
New York Daily News
When people who struggle with food addiction are shown pictures of chocolate bars, milkshakes or French fries, their MRI brain scan chart lights up like a pinball machine. But, Dave, we all occasionally give in to the double cheeseburger with fries.

New York Daily News

Boozing fruit flies shed light on addiction
Philadelphia Inquirer
Rather, they hope the finding sheds light on human addiction. Researchers say male fruit flies rejected by females are much more likely to imbibe than, "sexually satisfied" male fruit flies, according a summary of the study.

Fraud grew out of addiction, defence argues
Victoria Times Colonist
Hutchison argued Muir's addiction to gambling and alcohol were substantial mitigating factors. "This man is clearly a gambling addict," Hutchison said. "Addiction played an overwhelming role in his morass of misconduct." The friendships were not ...

Alcoholism in the UK and a potential budget tax hike in alcohol: The myths
Director of Finance online
It has been widely reported that the UK Chancellor, George Orborne, is likely to impose a much higher level of duty on alcoholic beverages in his budget on March 21st in an attempt to reduce drink-related health problems. But do the facts suggest that ...

Lakeway rescinds permit for addiction recovery center
Community Impact Newspaper
17 it would not permit an addiction recovery center to be built near Lakeway Elementary School. The city rescinded its site development permit that allowed Recovery Ways, a post-detox addiction recovery center, to break ground on the project near ...

Community Impact Newspaper

'My jail sentence is pathetic, I deserve MUCH longer': Drug addict thief ...
Daily Mail
By Rob Cooper A drug addict thief jailed for eight weeks told magistrates his sentence was 'pathetic' - and he should have been locked up for much longer. Alex Livingstone, 40, handed himself in to police after stealing food from a store and breaking ...

Daily Mail

New Report Shows California's HMOs Deficient in Providing Access to Adequate ...
MarketWatch (press release)
While the report acknowledges that "Getting continuous care for substance abuse is critical to successful treatment," it uncovers the reality that "Fewer than one in four people who abuse alcohol or drugs get treatment; and among those who begin ...

Michael Lohan Talks About Daughter, Substance Abuse « CBS ...
By Nick Kratsas
PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — To say that Lindsay Lohan has had a few issues over the past year is an understatement, but it apparently runs in the family. Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan, has fought substance abuse, domestic ...
CBS Pittsburgh

Amateur Photographer Documents the Faces of Addiction in the Bronx
By Michael Zhang
Based in New York, 46-year-old Chris Arnade is a banker by trade and a passionate photographer in his free time. While those attributes may seem pretty commonplace, it's Arnade's subjects that make his work stand out: Arnade focuses his ...

LSD helps to treat alcoholism
By admin
“Alcoholism was considered one of the most promising clinical applications for LSD,” says Johansen. Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson is said to have espoused the benefits of LSD in the book Pass It On: The Story of Bill Wilson ...
The Beckley Foundation

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