Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is "a broke, sick alcoholic" court told

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman is "a broke, sick alcoholic" court told
Irish Independent
By reporters THE former boyfriend of Madonna and husband of Carmen Electra is broke and an extremely sick alcoholic, a court in Orange County heard yesterday. Rodman is being prosecuted over failing to pay alimony and child support to ...

Irish Independent

Rodman a Broke, Sick Alcoholic, Court Told
(NEWSER) -- Basketball's clownish bad boy Dennis Rodman is broke and an "extremely sick"alcoholic, his financial advisor revealed in court. Rodman, 51, was warned by an Orange County commissioner yesterday that he faces 20 days in jail for contempt of ...

All in the Family: Famous Families Plagued by Addiction
ABC News
Whether their penchant for substance abuse will plague their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, remains to be seen. That's been the case for five other famous children of addicts: Lindsay Lohan's struggles with drugs and alcohol have been front page tabloid ...

ABC News

Bobby Brown's Arrest For DUI: His Addiction History Explained
Huffington Post
And, in fact, many of his run-ins with the law involved addiction-related problems. The International Business Times reported that Brown developed a crack and heroin addiction in the 1990s, though he has said he no longer uses drugs and only drinks ...

Supervisors Need Training To Curb Substance Abuse
By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor Researchers have found that supervisors need to do more than just monitor employees all day to reduce workplacesubstance abuse. Experts from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions said ...

Former alcoholic 'wasted' 40 years
This Is Lancashire
A RECOVERING alcoholic is urging people to be careful with their drinking, saying he has “wasted” 40 years of his life because of his addiction. Now, David Edge, a retired post office employee, is finally on the road to recovery and he is backing The ...

Dennis Rodman: broke and suffering alcoholism with child support in the rears
ABC News is reporting that Rodman is suffering from alcoholism and his struggle is "well-documented," which might be the "sickness" his lawyers reported. Along with paying Michele Rodman, his ex-wife, spousal support and child support, he also pays for ...

Ohio Heroin Addiction on the Rise
CENTRAL OHIO - A new alarming report from the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services shows heroin is taking over as the drug of choice among teens as young as 13. It is a frightening trend has also been identified at the Maryhaven drug ...

Dennis Rodman alcoholic and broke, financial advisor says
Newstrack India
"In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic... His sickness impacts his ability to get work," the LA Times quoted his financial advisor, Peggy Williams, as saying. When his third wife, Michelle, sued him for divorce in 2004, ...

Online gambling addiction leads to ruin for many
According to one online addiction website, the total revenue from online gambling topped $29 billion last year. The director of Shoreline Behavioral Services, an addiction counseling agency in Conway, says online games can be particularly dangerous for ...

Heroin abuse worsens in Ohio
Montgomery Advertiser
Regions across the state saw increases in heroin abuse during the past six months, with availability in Cleveland considered at epidemic levels, according to a report released this month by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

It's a long way home for those on the edge
The Australian
SIX years ago, at the age of 40, former butler Patrick Winter became homeless for the first time, caught in the grip of alcoholism. Last year, he was pulled off a Brisbane park bench by a council worker and helped into a program that found him support ...

Kony2012, Juju, Publicity Addiction, and Loving Jason Russell
My guess is that Jason Russell is suffering from publicity addiction, had an overdose on 15 March, and now it is Africa's turn to love Jason Russell the way we love ourselves. Jason led over 80 million people to some conclusions about northern Uganda ...

Drug addict Tabitha Saker tied up by mum now jailed
Kent Online
by Paul Hooper A young woman whose drug addiction led to the jailing of her concerned mother is now behind bars herself. Julia Saker, 50, was sent to prison after trying to stop daughter Tabitha from buying drugs by gagging and binding her.

Kent Online

Stress driving more women to substance abuse, reveals study
Indian Express
A survey by Baya Karve Women's Study Centre shows an increase in substance abuse among women in recent years. The survey shows that stress had driven women, mostly in the 31to 40 years age bracket, to smoking, alcohol, anti-depressants or sleeping ...

Report: Dennis Rodman is broke and struggling with alcoholism
Chicago Sun-Times
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage) Former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman is strugglingalcoholism and flat broke, his lawyer said in court documents filed Tuesday in Rodman's on-going divorce case, entertainment website reported.

Alcoholics Anonymous help themselves
The Manly Daily
Daniel, 40, a non-drinker, was searching for a solution to his former alcoholic father's problems. “My dad had been a problem drinker for as long as I could remember,” Daniel said. “Dad had, however, been sober for six years, but being sober and his ...

The Manly Daily

Substance abuse prevention coalition plans town-hall meeting
CBS 21
How do you plan to teach your family about the long-term effects of substance abuse? The Cumberland-Perry Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition will help you learn as they sponsor the 2012 Town Hall Meeting to focus on topics of substance abuse ...

Judge praises Redmond O'Neal for recovery progress
San Mateo Daily Journal
He also said his meetings with therapists were allowing him to confront demons that led him into drug addiction. O'Neal was arrested in August after police stopped him for running a red light and said they discovered heroin in his car.

Illinois Teenage Institute on Substance Abuse Scholarships
Sheriff Richard A. Meyers of Winnebago County announced today that the Illinois Sheriff=s Association is extremely proud to once again be named as a principal sponsor for the annual Illinois Teenage Institute on Substance Abuse.
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Dennis Rodman's Illness Is Alcoholism
By Leah Goldman
CONFESSIONS OF A ZYNGA ADDICT: I Spent $1000 In A Year Playing A Stupid Facebook Game... Dennis Rodman Is Broke And 'Extremely Sick' Due To Alcoholism ... "In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person, is an alcoholic.
Business Insider

'Almost Alcoholic': Close to the Real Thing, Says New Book | East ...
By ABC Digital
The first book in the series, Almost Alcoholic, outlines the key signs that someone might be suffering from almost alcoholism, such as drinking despite negative consequences, looking forward to drinking, drinking alone and drinking to blunt emotional ... "It is good for people and their friends/relatives to recognize the signs and symptoms or alcohol abuse and addiction, so that they may be able to influence someone before they get into trouble," said Dr. Robert Gwyther, professor in the ...
East Idaho News

Strange Facts about Addiction Part 1 | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
When it comes to substance abuse and drug addiction, there are many myths and a great deal of misinformation that can make getting help difficult. However,
Recovery First

Confused..Social Alcoholic, Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholic ...
By Shell1370
I'm just a little confused on the terms of SA, alcoholic abuse and alcoholism and well, I don't know which one would describe my husband. I'm pretty sure I know which one and just needed some the opinions of those who dealt with this first ...
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