Genes play role in addiction, but aren't only factor

State of Addiction: Genetics plays role in addiction, but aren't only factor
There are scientists studying the role of genes in addiction who believe that a single gene is not responsible for addiction. They say it's more likely the interaction of several genes, combined with other factors, which lead a person toward addiction.

State of Addiction: Former addict now helping others
Tulsa World
So I thought I wasn't an addict. That's for people who are criminals." When she entered detox, her plan was to get just healthy enough to return to her old habits. She had pre-paid for her heroin, and the dealer promised to hold the drugs for when she ...

After decades of addiction, Oklahoma City man decides to live sober
Recovering addict Forrest Coin poses for a photo outside of Dr. Charles Shaw's office in Oklahoma City. Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman Mar 9After decades of succumbing to addiction, an Oklahoma... A special series by Oklahoma Watch and its ...

Today in Research: A Vaccine for HIV; LSD as Alcoholism Treatment
The Atlantic
By The Atlantic Wire Discovered: An HIV vaccine, LSD as a treatment for alcoholism, what your heartbeat says about your personality, and kids need exercise. A vaccine for HIV. Rather, for HIV-1, just one strand of the virus. Even so, this sounds like a ...

State Of Addiction: Oklahoma's Prescription For Pain
News On 6
Parked in the driveway of a drug dealer's house, Bob Fernando the parent submitted to Bob Fernando the pain pill addict, and he left his two-year-old son in the car, while he went inside and satisfied hisaddiction. "And I walked back out and I just ...

Scheduled addiction experts don't speak at Ontario event
Mansfield News Journal
Jason J. Molyet/News Journal Three Ontario graduates share their stories of addiction and the road to recovery in Tuesday's News Journal. ONTARIO -- The hundreds of people who attended an event addressing drug and alcohol addiction Sunday still ...

New Group Promotes Responsible Gambling, Launches Addiction Awareness Campaign
PressZoom (press release)
Led by Maine's Office of Substance Abuse and the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverage & Lottery Operations, the group also includes 211 Maine, the Gambling Control Board, the Maine Council on Problem Gambling, Hollywood Casino, the University of Southern Maine ...

Addict handed drugs to police
Blackpool Gazette
A DRUG user walked into a police station, confessed he was a heroin addict and handed over wraps of heroin – twice in the space of 16 days. Wayne Thompson told police he wanted to go back to jail to, “get his head together” and handed over seven wraps ...

Blackpool Gazette

Addiction is a serious medical issue that people need help with
Owen Sound Sun Times
By DAVID SHEARMAN If there is anything which defines the history of Owen Sound and much of Grey and Bruce counties it is the Temperance Movement. I don't think many people today can appreciate the problems caused by unrestricted use and sale of alcohol ...

Alcoholic in racist attack in Lincoln street
This is Lincolnshire
An alcoholic assaulted a man in the street because he was black, a court heard. Former heroinaddict Elliot Hodges, 41, threw punches at the Nigerian man as he walked along Sincil Street in Lincoln. He pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault at ...

LSD Proves Its Potential in Controlling Alcoholism
French Tribune
Alcoholism is a broad term used for the problems associated with alcohol and is generally used to mean compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholicbeverages, usually affecting the drinker's health, personal relationships and social standing.

French Tribune

Addiction Linked to Bias
Philadelphia Magazine (blog)
“Second, a lack of cultural competency in the health care system discourages gay and transgender people from seeking treatment for substance abuse, and – if they do seek help – often leads to inappropriate or irrelevant services.

Philadelphia Magazine (blog)

See God's wisdom to help husband battle drug addiction
Chicago Tribune
Mrs. AS A: My heart goes out to you -- because you're right: Almost nothing is more devastating than drug addiction, both to the addicts and to those who are close to them. Almost every day I receive at least one heartrending letter or e-mail from ...

Addiction services to remain in place in Limerick despite closure of ALJEFF
Limerick Leader
By Nick Rabbitts CRUCIAL services provided by the anti addiction charity ALJEFF are to be taken over by a new agency, it has been confirmed. ALJEFF, the charity which delivered services to those with addiction problems and their families in Limerick ...

Limerick Leader

Addict's roof stand-off was cry for help
Worcester Standard
By Gary Smee 12/03 Updated: 12/03 13:10 A RECOVERING heroin addict who climbed onto the roof of his home sparking a five-hour stand off with police was making a "cry for help", a court has heard. Lee Telford had been drinking heavily at his flat in ...

Worcester Standard

Researchers to study on alcoholic liver cirrhosis
China Daily
"Alcoholic liver disease is a hidden epidemic, a silent disease that occurs after a long period of alcohol abuse," she said. "We hope that by analyzing the genetics in a large international group comprising thousands of drinkers we can detect the ...

Why do some heavy drinkers get liver cirrhosis and some don't?
The US government is investing $2.5 million in a Sydney-based study to determine the role of genetics in alcoholic liver disease. It should lead to better diagnosis and treatment of the condition - a silent epidemic that costs $3.8 billion a year in ...

Welsh Gambling Addiction Addressed
Gambling Kingz
by Renee Israel WalesOnline newspaper recently published an article about Welsh gambling addiction research, which showed that in the capital alone, there are 3500 people with serious gambling problems. Another 6000 are in danger of seeing their ...

Gambling Kingz

Savino To Preggers Snooki: Learn About Fetal Alcoholism
New York Daily News (blog)
BY Ken Lovett "I just hope someone talks to her about fetal alcoholism," Sen. Diane Savino, the outspoken Staten Island Democrat who chairs the Senate Children and Families Committee, told the Daily News. Savino urged the "Jersey Shore" mom-to-be and ...

My toughest addiction: Bulimia
In terms of addiction, her behavior is akin to mainlining heroin like a lady. People who can accomplish this simply don't exist in the real world. But at the fragile age of 14, I didn't know any better. The first time I tried purging, I was on summer ...
Colne knifeman drug addict is jailed
Pendle Today
Thomas (33), of Knowsley Street, Colne, an addict who was on a drugs programme at the time, admitted two counts of theft and having an offensive weapon, last December. The hearing was told Thomas had been stealing in Boots to try to raise cash to fund ...

Pendle Today

Oklahoma Watch: Genes play role in drug addiction
Dr. Glen Hanson, a researcher with the University of Utah who studies genetics and its role inaddiction, says that while some people are genetically prone to becoming an addict, it's not a given they'll become one. “I think it's important to ...
Oklahoma Watch

Addiction, History and Historians: Samuel Roberts' Response ...
By jspillane
Editor's Note: Today, we present the final set of reflections in our Points symposium on addiction, history and historians. Last week's reflections on David Courtwright's essay included thoughtful posts by Nancy Campbell, Alex Mold, and Daniel ...
Points: The Blog of the Alcohol...

Need To Know About substance abuse treatment center in new york ...
By Tine Rodderick
The core reason why people take to intervention strategies for helping those addicted to substances would be to assist the addict realize that there are people who have been genuinely concerned about his/her behavioral trends as well as ...
The Wise Directory

The War of the Addiction Worlds | Psychology Today
"Chronic Brain Disease" = the dominant view of addiction in American society ... new Substance Abuse/Addictions Institute to replace the two separate agencies. ... the results of which were announced at the NIAAA website as "Alcoholism isn't ... the 12-step, abstinence-uber-alles, once-an-addict-always-an-addict definition.

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