Addiction treatment for transgender people

Addiction treatment for transgender people
Philadelphia Inquirer
CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer Determined to overcome a cocaine addiction that had propelled him into a downward spiral of unemployment, sex work, and life one step off the street, Erik Leiff contacted dozens of treatment programs.

Locals Attend National Conference on Substance Abuse
The Ledger
StandUP Polk & UthMpact Coalition coordinators attended a National Substance Abuse Prevention Conference in Washington, DC, last month. They headed to the nation's Capitol to join nearly 3000 substance abuse prevention and treatment specialists and ...

Yoga part of 12-step program at Kenai facility
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
by Jerzy Shedlock / Peninsula Clarion KENAI, Alaska - Focusing on lifestyle changes needed to live life free of substance abuse is an arduous task - mentally, physically and emotionally - for people who have developed harmful addictions.

I triumphed over my alcohol addiction
New Vision
Every Tuesday, I go to the centre to give my testimony to other addicts to show them that they too can prevail over alcoholism and substance abuse. To many people, alcohol and drug addictionseems to be a private issue, however, the Catholic ...

Celebrity addicts: Who dies, who survives, and why?
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Singer Whitney Houston's death last month from accidental drowning from the effects of cocaine use and heart disease throws bright light on a dark corner of the world of celebrities who wrestle with substance abuse. The toll of celebrity addiction ...

Will Britain battle alcoholism?
The Voice of Russia
The country's Home Secretary Theresa May told the BBC: Mrs. May said that the new strategy would send prices for cheap kinds of vodka, beer and other alcoholic beverages up, while the cost of elite alcohol would remain the same.

The Voice of Russia

Cabell couple blames doctor for man's drug addiction
West Virginia Record
HUNTINGTON -- A Cabell County man and his wife are suing a Huntington physician they say facilitated his drug addiction. Ten unknown and unnamed physicians; CVS Pharmacy; Rite Aid of West Virginia; Fruth Pharmacy; and five unknown and unnamed ...

Addict must have desire to quit using drugs (blog)
By Readers' Page Obviously Joan Dannon doesn't comprehend addictions or people who have the genetic propensity to be an addict (March 2 letter). As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, let me assure everyone that forcing an addict to ''quit'' by ...

13 Ways to Quit ANYTHING
Huffington Post
Many people assume an addict only refers to someone who is an alcoholic, chain smoker or drug user with a "hard" habit. But in Unhooked: How To Quit Anything [Skyhorse Publishing, $14.95], I show how you can also get hooked on such "soft" habits as ...

Who Is a Sex Addict?
By Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S Increasing numbers of men and women are seeking clinical treatment for sexual addiction. This is partly the result of the increasingly endless variety of Internet-based sexual content, and partly the result of easy ...

UW summit will focus on substance abuse issues facing college student military ...
The Republic
The University of Wyoming's fifth annual Higher Education Mental Health and Substance AbuseSummit is scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday in Casper. The summit will focus onsubstance abuse issues facing college student military veterans.

Alcoholic jailed for shop thefts
This is Leicestershire
An alcoholic who twice targeted a supermarket to steal bottles of spirits has been jailed for six months. Christopher Sherwood travelled from his home in the West Midlands to take drinks from Morrisons in Hinckley. Leicester Crown Court was told he had ...

Help is available and recovery is possible
BANGALORE: Propagating the fact that the first step towards recovery from drug addiction is to win the internal battle, Narcotics Anonymous stated at a press briefing that the rate of youngsters dependent on drugs has gone up in the city.

Gov. Christie's drug rehab plan garners wide...
The Trentonian
By SULAIMAN ABDUR-RAHMAN TRENTON — Recovering heroin addict Robert Richter was taken hostage by a disease — drug addiction — that led him to rob and steal. The criminal behavior provided him with money to feed his addiction, but it eventually caught ...

Court told heroin addict fears for her own life
This is South Wales
Her solicitor said his client was desperate for help for her addiction, and "is fearful she may not survive the week" without it. The plight of the mum of one was outlined after Beresford pleaded guilty to stealing the leggings from the Oxford Street ...

Brendon Lawson | Jailed After Killing Fellow Addict... |
In February, Brendon Lawson, 41, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his friend – a fellow drug addict he had met through Narcotics Anonymous. On Thursday, Lawson was sentenced to two years and seven months' imprisonment in the ... - News

Parental Alcoholism Linked to Brain Changes in Kids | Pathway to ...
By admin
Our Mission: Prevention and Early Intervention of Teenage Drug and Alcohol Addiction. ParentalAlcoholism Linked to Brain Changes in Kids. Adolescent brains respond to risky situations differently if the teen's parents are alcoholics, new research finds. While preceding studies have shown that adolescents with a family history of alcoholism (FHP) are at a risk for developing alcohol-abuse disorders and that drinking increases risky decision-making, the new study is the first to look at ...
Pathway to Prevention

Alcoholics Anonymous In Hollister
By robinchong
Alcoholics Anonymous Hollister fellowship has been growing through the entire many years. ...Alcoholics Anonymous has offered an answer to those who suffer from alcohol addiction. For those who have located they may not quit consuming ...
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Overcoming Addiction: How to Seek Help | Always New You
By amypowell
As a grateful recovering alcoholic, drug addict and compulsive gambler, who has now been clean and sober for nearly four and a half years, I can honestly say that admitting that myaddiction was too powerful for me to overcome by myself and ...
Always New You

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