Young people turn to AA to break the grip of alcohol and drugs

Young people turn to AA to break the grip of alcohol and drugs
Kansas City Star
“Hi, I'm Jean, and I'm an alcoholic and an addict.” Age 17. She first got drunk on vodka when she was 8. There is Stephanie, 20, and two seats away a 19-year-oldaddict fresh to sobriety. There are Mike and Will, both under 26. Two sorority girls.

Kansas City Star

Myth of sex addiction
New York Post
Sex addiction has been rejected by the American Psychiatric Association, time and time again, because there is no scientific evidence that it exists. The proponents of sex addiction use concepts borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous, applying the 12-step...

New York Post

AP-CT-FEA--Fighting Addiction,830
Hartford Courant
"In the beginning, I loved you with all my heart," Lanese wrote in a letter to her addiction a week after she stopped using. "I turned to you when I needed comfort, I turned to you when I didn't feel good, I turned to you when I was sad.

Annie's Mailbox: I divorced my alcoholic husband
Omaha World-Herald
Dear Annie: Six years ago, I divorced my alcoholic, workaholic husband and became a single parent. My ex has regular visitation, but I am the one who handles all the sick days, school conferences, injuries, etc. He never bothers.

Area health study shows suicide prevention, substance abuse concerns
The new study by Community Health Network Area 18 also urges more scrutiny on the number of emergency room visits by teens for substance abuse. The report covers Brookline, Dedham, Dover, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley, Weston, and Westwood.

Prison or treatment - Warrick Drug Court director was given choice
Evansville Courier & Press
"My biological mother was an addict, and she died in active addiction in 1996 in Indianapolis. However, my father remarried in 1979 and is still married to my 'mother.'" Like many young people, Groves searched for direction after graduating from Reitz ...

From prison to pastor: a minister's story against addiction
Greeley Tribune
He pulls and tugs through a past life that led him here: meth addiction for four years, cocaine for seven, two prison sentences, in and out of halfway houses. The recollection takes him back to the moment when life, as he knew it, stopped and left him ...

Alex O' Loughlin Goes to Rehab, Joins the Prescription Drug Addiction Club
The Stir
Which came first, the celebrity status or the addiction? Last week it was Gerard Butler. The week before that it was Whitney Houston (well, not the rehab part, but you know what I mean). Demi Moore. Charlie Sheen. And so on, and so on, and so on.

The Stir

Parents, experts worry about young brains on pot
Milford Daily News
Modeled after a similar session in Wayland last March, the presentation will feature a Middlesex County prosecutor, an alum who says his start with marijuana led him to other drugs and anaddiction, and a doctor from Hopkinton's Main Street Pediatrics.

Adult Children of Alcoholics to begin meetings in Berea
Richmond Register
By Ronica Shannon Register News Writer BEREA — Alcoholism affects more than just thealcoholic, and a national organization is coming closer to home for those who need help. Adult Children of Alcoholics is a group geared to help adults who, ...

Paint Valley services save lives, enhance quality of life
Chillicothe Gazette
I am writing to encourage voters to support the levy request by the Paint Valley Alcohol, DrugAddiction and Mental Health Board. The request will be up for consideration in the March primary election. I am a mental health professional who has served ...

Herbal incense, 'bath salts' rip apart user's life
Shelbyville Times-Gazette
"Actually, I was already an addict," Brenda said last week, just a week after release from the Georgia treatment center. Now clear of drugs -- with help from God and daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous -- she wants the world ...

If levy doesn't pass, prevention, crisis services could be gone
Chillicothe Gazette
Stating facts and figures of individuals diagnosed with mental illness or having a substance abuseproblem in our communities didn't help pass the Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board levy on the last ballot.

Navy Launches Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign (blog)
The Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) office recently launched a new campaign geared towards substance abuse prevention, according to NADAP officials. The campaign, called “Who Will Stand Your Watch,” aims to educate Sailors and spread ...

The sky is (still) falling
Tulsa World
By Janet Pearson, 918- Our state is sick, debilitated by staggering levels of mental illness andsubstance abuse that together can lower a victim's life expectancy by 30 years. How bad is the situation? Mental disorders and the puzzling emotional and ...

Tatum O'Neal Rumors Are False; Went to Treatment Facility to 'Titrate' Off ...
International Business Times
The story about a cocaine addiction is false." O'Neal won an Oscar in 1974 for "Paper Moon." She has long battled drugs and alcohol addiction and her younger brother Redmond O'Neal has similar problems. O'Neal chronicled her history of substance abuse ...

International Business Times

Courts balance drug punishment vs. treatment
Evansville Courier & Press
By Mark Wilson BOONVILLE, Ind. — Warrick County Drunk Driving and Drug Court Director Kevin Groves' personal experience with addiction and training as a licensed social worker are examples of a growing move toward drug court programs that are based ...

Meth's danger grows
Supplied photo by Indiana State Police Bryan Blakley, a former meth addict, now works with recovering drug addicts at Hope House Addiction Recovery Center in Richmond. / Palladium-Item photo by Steve Koger Q: There has been a rash of meth lab arrests ...

30 tons of opiums and alcohols ignited in Kandahar province
Khaama Press
By Ghanizada - Sun Mar 04, 4:15 pm Around 30 tons of opium and alcoholic drinks were burnt by the Afghan Interior Ministry officials in southern Kandahar province. Provincial governor officials in southern Kandahar province said, the drugs and ...

Khaama Press

Drug court: Saving money, saving lives
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Seventeen stories, all starting with the same desperate addiction, all ending with the same luminous redemption. Superior Court Judge Doris Downs does not pronounce sentence on the 17. Instead, she announces the exact number of days each defendant has ...

Reducing waists, drug use top priorities
Columbus Telegram
COLUMBUS — Substance abuse and obesity will be the top targets of a community-driven improvement plan in the next three years. A group of 60 individuals developed a Community Health Improvement Plan based on results from a Comprehensive Community ...

How drug courts work
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Attends several 12-step meetings a week (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous). • Provides a urine sample on a random basis by checking every morning to see whether a drug test is ordered. • Attends weekly or biweekly court hearings so ...

Brian McGrattan speaks on alcoholism (VIDEO) - On the Forecheck
By Dirk Hoag
Preds enforcer Brian McGrattan shares his story of alcoholism and recovery in a remarkably candid talk shown during tonight's game. ... He doesn't even take a sip of anything alcoholic, afraid to go down that path again. It takes a lot, and his gf ...
On the Forecheck

Addiction Treatment | Addiction Treatment
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The Center For Substance Abuse Treatment ... In order for an addiction treatment to be successful and last a lifetime, the individual needs to be well educated about his or her addiction and the treatment he or she will receive. It is also very ...
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I'm like an addict in withdrawal - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug ...
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Old Today, 01:06 AM. Wing. IsItAlright. Join Date: Feb 2012. Location: rainbow. Posts: 34. I'm like an addict in withdrawal ... Marketing Services, Inc. A proud member of the SoberRecovery® Network of Addiction and Recovery Websites ...
SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug...

Alcohol and Drug Addiction | Recover in Canada | Educational ...
By Drug Rehab Treatment Center News
Mind, body and soul are the focal points when an addict comes in to treatment. Recovery needs ...When a person is addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs, things that were once important to them like family, relatives, friends and career lose their priority and substance abuse takes an important position. ... A freestanding addiction treatment is a stand-alone addiction treatment program that concentrates on the treatment of alcoholism, dual diagnosis and drug addiction. Addicts...
Drug Rehab Alcohol Treatment...

What Happens to the Family When Addiction Becomes Part of It
Families where addiction is present are oftentimes painful to live in, which is why those who live ...In alcoholic homes, this may become a dysfunctional sort of balance. ..... Recovery is more than recovering from substance abuse. ... And finally, the addict will still need to engage in a full recovery process in order to deal with ...

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