Could diabetes drug help treat those suffering from addiction?

Could diabetes drug help treat those suffering from addiction?
“What we have demonstrated is that a brain mechanism already known to be therapeutic for the treatment of diabetes also appears to be implicated in at least certain types of drug addiction,” said Gregg Stanwood, Ph.D., assistant professor of...

Quake fraud spurred by drug addiction
A woman caught for earthquake insurance fraud was in the grip of a methamphetamine addiction at the time, a court has heard. Marlanna Shelley Diana Harris, 28, began a 37-month jail sentence after her Christchurch District Court sentencing today.

More Addictions Treated with Drug Therapy
MedPage Today
That increase was driven largely by greater use of buprenorphine (Subutex, Suboxone) to treat opioidaddiction, they wrote. Over the last decade, more treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse have become available, but the extent to which these ...

Sex Addiction One Step Closer To Becoming Recognized Disorder -- UCLA
LA Weekly (blog)
The good folks at UCLA have come up with a set of scientific criteria for what ails you, a.k.a., sex addiction. And the new guidelines make this one step closer to becoming recognized as a legitimate mental disorder along the lines of drug addiction ...

LA Weekly (blog)

Drug and alcohol problems in US rose by 70% over past decade: study
The number of drug and alcohol problems diagnosed by doctors in the US has increased 70 percent between 2001 and 2009, according to new research. Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston blamed a rise in the abuse of painkillers.

'Pseudo-Addiction' - Nucleus of the Prescription Drug Epidemic
The definition of Haddox's word "pseudo-addiction" is A drug-seeking behavior that simulates true addiction, which occurs in patients with pain who are receiving inadequate pain medication. So Haddox's message to the medical profession was "more" is ...


Medics' drug pilfering rare but perilous
Occasionally, medical professionals including doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and paramedics dip into the drugs readily available to them to self-medicate or feed an addiction. The thorny issue was thrown into the spotlight last week after it emerged ...

Judi Evans: Florida can help end prescription drug abuse
Gainesville Sun
In my work, I have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of prescription drug abuse. Like any form of addiction, prescription drug abuse tears families apart and often causes its victims to lose their livelihoods. In order to keep Florida safe ...

Videos: Fergie and Josh Duhamel Talk About Cheating and Crystal Meth Addiction
Opposing Views
Fergie also opened up to Oprah about overcoming her crystal meth addiction. The singer said that through “discovering why I took the drugs in the first place” helped her get past her addiction. She also describes her rock bottom, saying she was having ...

Opposing Views

Staffordshire drugs partnership aims at prevention
Staffordshire Newsletter
A NEW partnership waging war on drug addiction and alcoholism in Staffordshire will aim to prevent vulnerable people from developing problems in the first place. cannabis. A decision by Staffordshire County Council to pool budgets with Staffordshire ...

Staffordshire Newsletter

Diabetes drug could be effective in treating addiction, researchers find
Researchers are reporting that a drug currently used to treat type 2 diabetes could be just as effective in treating addiction to drugs, including cocaine.

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