Fergie: God Saved Me from Crystal Meth Addiction

Fergie: God Saved Me from Crystal Meth Addiction
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Fergie recently sat down with Oprah, and revealed how she was once addicted to crystal meth, and she thanks God for saving her. Fergie said her drug addiction had gotten so bad she became paranoid she was being followed by the FBI and SWAT teams.

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Sam Lutfi Details Britney Spears' Alleged Drug Addiction in Court
Us Magazine
"She had wanted to get clean, but she was struggling with it," Lutfi, 38, said on the stand, and claimed that he took great lengths to help her kick the habit: Bringing drug-sniffing dogs to her home, and flushing a bag of white powder down the toilet ...

Us Magazine

Drug used to treat alcohol addiction could destroy deadly brain tumours
Daily Mail
'Drugs like this one, which can both penetrate the blood brain barrier and increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy, could play an important role in overcoming the problem of resistance to help improve the outlook for people with brain ...

Daily Mail

10 Ways You Can Help Children of Alcoholics
PsychCentral.com (blog)
Among the most tragic consequences of addiction is the devastating – and sometimes lifelong – impact on the children of an addict. More than 28 million Americans are children of alcoholics. Prescription drug addiction has been rising over the past ...

Study Supports Sex Addiction as a Diagnosis-Worthy Disorder
The clinics offered either specific counseling and treatment for sexual addiction or more general treatment for drug addiction or psychiatric problems. The participants were randomly selected among those seeking admission whose problems included at...


H.B. film screening educates teens about drug use
Since the documentary's debut at the Newport Beach Film Festival in April, it has been shown at campuses across the county. The film focuses on the rising popularity of prescription drugs among teens and the families who have been devastated by addiction.

East Bridgewater to hold first drug awareness vigil as problem grows in town
Enterprise News
And five people have died in East Bridgewater after overdosing on drugs in the past five years. On Thursday, for the first time, residents will gather for a candlelight vigil to remember the people whose lives were lost to drug or alcohol addiction ...

Addiction to medicines an issue for docs
Khaleej Times
“The fact of the matter is, if you have 100 people you are prescribing drugs to, probably 10 per cent of them are at risk of having problem from that... You find addiction in 20-50 per cent of hospitalised patients, 15-30 of patients who present in ...

Airport Gate Crasher Treated for Drug Addiction, Seeks Lesser ...
Twenty-five-year-old Kenneth Mazik is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday for crashing through a gate on March 1 and leading police on a runway chase at ...

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