The struggle against addiction

DRUGS IN DEDHAM: The struggle against addiction
Daily News Transcript
While they fight to keep drugs under control on the streets, those facing addiction and their loved ones are likewise facing an uphill fight on the home front, a fight that is often lost. Dedham police have responded to three fatal drug overdoses so ...

Russia offers new methods to treat drug addiction
The Voice of Russia
Methods to treat drug addiction, offered by Russian specialists, may prove revolutionary. The latter are working out new medicines that destroy the memory of brain receptors for drugs. Members of the State Anti-Drug Committee of the Russian Federation ...

The Voice of Russia

Broadway Treatment Center Opens Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in CA
Sacramento Bee
Because addiction is often an outgrowth of an underlying psychological condition, prior to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at Broadway Treatment Center, a comprehensive intake interview, evaluation and assessment battery are completed via ...

Narcotic addiction treatment programs in Ontario to expand
The patent for OxyContin expires Nov. 25 and provincial and territorial ministers have urged Ottawa to delay the approval of a generic form of the drug. "My argument is that the social costs related to addiction of the very easily tampered OxyContin ...

Raskin Treats Addiction Medically
'Addiction affects all ages and all socioeconomic classes,' said Raskin, who has been helping patients with addictions for the past 10 years, including six at Cliffside Malibu, a drug and alcohol rehabil'itation center north of Zuma Beach. 'We're ...


It's time to get smart on crime, and the drug lab scandal is a chance to do it ... (blog)
The vast majority of non-violent offenders are incarcerated for crimes directly related to drug addiction--drug possession, small sales and small-time theft to pay for drugs. Filling our jails and prisons with these people doesn't address the ...

Dr. Gabor Maté's alternative view of addiction
Weekly Alibi
Operating a family practice for two decades before entering the addiction field, he always had a few drug-dependent patients among his clientele. He eventually became a tireless advocate for addicts in Vancouver. Maté is a compelling speaker, as his ...

St. Johns female inmates busted for smuggling in drug, officials say
Florida Times-Union
AUGUSTINE — Last month 22 female inmates at the St. Johns County Jail tested positive for an illegal drug, leaving authorities scratching their heads at just how the drug, an opiate used to treat heroin addiction, got into the locked-down facility ...

Milford students get straight talk on drugs
Milford Daily News
Students at Milford High School received a lesson on the dangers of drug and alcohol addictionWednesday from a person that many residents fear to encounter, the Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis. During his presentation to the high school's ...

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