Duchess of Cambridge gives addiction charity royal support

Duchess of Cambridge gives addiction charity royal support
“She chose us because she had realised that with many problems faced by young people, the trail always led to back to addiction of some sort, whether alcohol, drugs or something else.” As the Duchess is clearly aware, addiction is a major problem in...


Drug Addiction a Major Player in Many California 3 Strikes Convictions
Regarding a pre-disposition to alcohol or drug addiction, that is not going to be recognized as an excuse in terms of perpetrating a crime, Hyman says and violent crimes, no matter how sad the person s childhood was, doesn t factor in because violence ...

Ontario to spend $15M on treatment for prescription drug addiction
CTV News
The Ontario government announced $15 million in new funding on Wednesday to help those battling addiction to prescription drugs receive treatment. Health Minister Deb Matthews said the funding will focus on pregnant women, mothers and those ...

CTV News

Addiction Drug Could Curb Binge Eating
Yahoo! News (blog)
But after the drug naltrexone was injected into the part of the rats' brains called the prefrontal cortex, binge eaters ate much less — close to the amount that rats on a regular diet consume, said study researcher Angelo Blasio, of the Laboratory of ...

Kane drug court graduates break a leg — and addiction
Chicago Daily Herald
... Court hope to “break a leg” in addition to breaking their addictions. Graduates and program participants will perform “It's a Drug Court Life” — a take on the Jimmy Stewart classic “It's a Wonderful Life” — as part of the latest drug court ...

Marijuana: Why ex-drug warriors hate Amendment 64, other drug initiatives
Westword (blog)
Former drug czars, DEA administrators and national "addiction experts" have come out in opposition to Colorado's Amendment 64, as well as similar measures before voters in Washington and Oregon. In other wildly-unexpected news: The sky is, indeed, blue ...

A Tale of Two Drug Stories
It was little consolation, however, to the smaller group of 38 residents from across the state sitting less than 100 yards away dealing with the pain that drug addiction can afflict on a family during the monthly Parents-4-A-Change meeting. The 22nd ...

Painkiller addiction becoming an epidemic in US
“Prescription drug use is the next big epidemic,” said Richard Miech, professor of sociology at the University of Colorado Denver, who led the study. Representative image. Getty Images. “Everyone in this field has recognised that there is a big ...


Chris Herren Heads Back To Staten Island To Tell Story Of Drug Addiction
CBS Local
His goal now: tell kids the truth and turn them away from the scourge of drug addiction. “2,000 people will start with prescription medication today, teenagers, and it's an epidemic and it needs to be recognized and talked about more because these kids ...

CBS Local

Ontario to spend $15 million to expand treatment for drug addiction ...
By Canadian Press
TORONTO — The governing Liberals are spending $15 million on programs to expand treatment for people addicted to prescription narcotics, such as OxyContin. Health Minister Deb Matthews said the money will help in treating pregnant ...

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