Meds a good "first step" for treating alcoholism

Meds a good "first step" for treating alcoholism
The findings make sense to addiction specialists given how each drug acts on the brain, according to Dr. Raymond Anton, head of the Center for Drug & Alcohol Programs at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Acamprosate is known to ...

Vallejo youths recall battle with drug addiction at Red Ribbon event
Vallejo Times-Herald
"All I cared about was money and drugs," Romer said on Thursday, one of several youth recounting their struggles with addiction at Vallejo High School. The event was the culmination of the anti-drugRed Ribbon Week events put on by Youth and Family ...

Diabetes Medication could Treat Drug Addiction
The new findings show that the part of the brain targeted by the medication appears to be related to certain types of drug addiction. "What we have demonstrated is that a brain mechanism already known to be therapeutic for the treatment of diabetes ...


Chris Evert tournament raises money to fight drug abuse
"It wasn't getting compassion and sympathy," Evert said of drug abuse and addiction. "I was an athlete; I had no drug problems, but that's not to say people that I love [didn't have problems]." The Pro-Celebrity Classic has raised more than $20 million ...

'Methadone may be 'legal,' but isn't it as deadly as the heroin and Oxycontin ...
New York Daily News
Help me out: How can one drug be used to "cure" you of another? DR. DAVE: Methadone was seen as a godsend when it broke on the treatment scene for heroinaddiction in the 1960s. Unlike alcoholics who -- supported by AlcoholicsAnonymous --were ...

New York Daily News

The Costs of Addiction to the State
KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska
... weren't experiencing a substance use disorder or were in recovery, they would be able to contribute to our communities and our economy,” said Kate Burkhart, Executive Director of the Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse for the State of Alaska.

'Addiction doesn't exist' – Hitchens
Belfast Newsletter
Promoting his latest book The War We Never Fought, which laments Britain's lax druglaws and despairs that “the battle to halt the spread of mind-altering drugs is lost”, he denies any idea of addiction as intense physical craving or psychiatric ...

Belfast Newsletter

Mothers With A Purpose takes a stand against drug abuse
Pleasanton Weekly
Marlene told the crowd that drug addiction is a disease that shows no prejudice, but is perceived as shameful, "leaving loved ones to grieve in silence and addicts left to struggle alone." "With the removal of shame comes the hope for survival ...

Former KFAN radio host relives drug-fueled downfall
MINNEAPOLIS - For a year and a half former KFAN radio talk show host Jeff Dubay has been recovering from a drug addiction. The addiction started one night in the fall of 2007 when Dubay was not looking for trouble, but trouble found him in St. Paul.

Alcoholism drug could treat brain cancer patients
Serious Injury Law
The anti-alcoholism drug can potentially cross the blood-brain barrier - something that few traditional gliobastoma treatments can achieve. Patients often develop resistance to existing methods, which then leaves doctors largely unable to care for them ...

Serious Injury Law

The Quick Solution for Drug Addiction is Not Necessarily Easy
Yesterday we looked at the real truth about recovering from addiction and alcoholism, and how complacency can be a hidden killer. Today we want to look at ...

WILTSE: Drug addiction problem needs radical solution | Grand ...
WILTSE: Drug addiction problem needs radical solution. 02:02 PM Oct 25 2012. All this flap about the current elections is just that: a lot of flap. Meanwhile, one of ...

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