The science of addiction

Healthy Living: The science of addiction
Rochester YNN
"The drugs are affecting the brain as it develops. It's the prefrontal or the cerebral cortex, the thinking part of the brain that is most clearly affected," said Dr. Berry. Over the years, research has led to a better understanding of addiction. And ...

Drug-war spending versus drug addiction
Boing Boing
Here's Matt Groff's chart showing the relationship between US drug-war spending and US drug addiction (or rather, the lack of such a relationship). It's a compelling way of demonstrating the economic foolishness of the drug war, though that pales in ...

Britney Spears accused of drug addiction
According to her manager's claims, the singer's famous head-shaving and car-smashing antics were a result of her drug addiction. He also claimed that the singer was hooked on prescription drugs, downing up to 30 a day, which led to her meltdown in 2007.

Stroke cures man of drug addiction
Windsor Star
Montreal researchers are reporting on the curious case of a Quebec man apparently cured of a cocaine addiction following a stroke. Although it's based on a single case report, the finding could set the foundation for more research into whether it's ...

“Viagra Addiction” and Sex Addicts' Use of ED Drugs (blog)
Have you heard of Viagraholics Anonymous? Well it seems it exists. Tens of millions of people have used Viagra (a registered trademark of Pfizer) and other ED drugs. Young men in their 20's and 30's are reportedly becoming dependent on Viagra. Is there ... (blog)

Safe Schools Summit eyes growing epidemic of heroin, pills (With Video)
Delaware County Daily Times
Pecora said she began to suspect her son was suffering from a drug addiction when he was about 15 or 16 years old. “It was a suspicion but nothing definite,” she said. She said her son, who was known for his sense of humor, suffered from attention ...

Peter Hitchens: 'I don't believe in addiction. People take drugs because they ...
The Guardian
Hitchens thinks there is no such thing as addiction? "No, it's just laughable. I believe in free will. People take drugs because they enjoy it." I agree that many people take drugs such as cannabis because they like it – but doesn't he wonder why those ...

The Guardian

NJ drug treatment advocates upset by Gov. Christie's veto of immunity for ...
The Times of Trenton -
He's spent much of the last year serving on the Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, promoting the law he wishes was around when his son needed it two years ago. It's called the Good ...

The Times of Trenton -

Questions raised over wider naltrexone use
ABC Online
There is a new push on to increase the use of naltrexone implants, drugs used to treat opiate addiction, but critics say the technology is costly and has been linked to several deaths. Naltrexone implants have not been approved by medical authorities ...

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