Eva Rausing's family reflects on her addiction

Eva Rausing's family reflects on her addiction
Late Eva Rausing's family reflects on her struggles, says she wanted husband in drug treatment.


Eva Rausing death: Parents to launch drugs foundation
BBC News
Mrs Rausing's parents said they hoped her "difficulties" with addiction would raise awareness of drug challenges. Helping addicts was a "major defining endeavour" for her, the family said. Police are treating ... "Her recovery was strong and, as is ...

BBC News

Late Eva Rausing's Husband Charged Over Body
ABC News
Hans Kristian Rausing, whose father made billions selling his stake in the Tetra Pak drinks-carton empire, has been charged in London with preventing the lawful burial of his American-born wife's body, British police said Tuesday. While no cause of ...

ABC News

Rausing's Body 'Found in Bin Bags'
Daily Beast
The developments lend grim credence to reports that Rausing may have lived with his wife's body in their Belgravia mansion for days after her death, the sad denouement of the couple's long battle with drug addiction. Police discovered the body only ...

Daily Beast

Eva Louise Kemeny Rausing - a tribute
... others facing similar addiction challenges in their lives. The Kemeny family hopes this tribute will be used to draw attention to the tragedy of drug addiction and to generate awareness and financial support for this cause in the future. ... Her ...

After addiction, Justin Jones knows priorities
Baltimore Sun
D.C. singer-songwriter Justin Jones talks new album, 'Fading Light,' which could be his last.

Baltimore Sun

Billionaire's son faces court over wife Eva Rausing's death
The couple continued to support her "life-long vocation in helping those with drug addiction," Kemeny said, helping to "save" the lives of many other people -- though "tragically, not her own." He also paid tribute to her sharp wit and intelligence ...

Elton John on how he battled addiction
CNN (blog)
Elton John says in a new interview that he has the late AIDS activist Ryan White to thank for helping save his life. The legendary singer told NPR that he decided to stop living so recklessly after he got to know the Indiana teenager, who was a poster ...

Eva Rausing Death: Hans Kristian Rausing Charged Over Body
Huffington Post
The couple's struggles with addiction – long known to their close friends and family – became widely known in 2008 when Eva Rausing was caught trying to smuggle crack cocaine and heroin into the U.S. Embassy in London in her handbag. Police later ...

Billionaire Rausing charged with preventing wife's burial
msnbc.com (blog)
Eva Rausing, known for her philanthropic work and her struggle with addiction, was found dead in the couple's home on July 9. One of the world's richest men, Hans Kristian Rausing, was charged with preventing the lawful burial of his wife's body ...

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Eva Rausing death: Parents of Eva Rausing warn against addiction as they pay ...
Daily Mail
The mother-of-four's parents have today warned against drug addiction following the death of their daughter, who had a well-documented drug problem before she was found dead in her £70m London mansion last week.

Here's How We See Addiction (Presented by People of Tumblr)
Scientific American (blog)
I write what I write to deface societal stigma on addiction. To properly ID and answer just what sort of stigma, I've made a Tumblr blog dedicated to the many facades addiction wears. By turn,substance abuse is an escape, an answer, a blow, a villain, ... Addiction: "Here I simply reblog other tumblr posts on substance abuse and addiction, to showcase how we see addiction as a culture. All posts are as I found them."

Rausing's father pays tribute
Financial Times
The father of Eva Rausing has released a detailed tribute to his daughter detailing her long battle with drug addiction, a week after she was found dead in her London mansion. In a statement on Tuesday night, Tom Kemeny, the US philanthropist and.

Billionaire Rausing Charged With 'Preventing Burial' After Living With Wife's ...
... we love unconditionally with all our hearts.” Kemeny added that his daughter's work with drug addiction charities “saved thousands of lives – tragically not her own.” Read more: Drug Addict Billionaire Packaging Heir Arrested As Socialite Wife ...


Rausing's husband charged over body
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Eva Rausing's body was found in the couple's London home on July 9 after police went to search the house following her husband's arrest on suspicion of drug possession -- a tragic twist in the couple's battle with addiction. Hans Kristian Rausing was ...

Eva's body was discovered in the couple's £70million Belgravia mansion after ...
Daily Mail
'Eva would have wanted the memory of her life to be used to benefit others facing similar addiction challenges in their lives. The Kemeny family hopes this tribute will be used to draw attention to the tragedy of drug addiction and to generate ...

Daily Mail

Natural Highs: A Positive Approach to Mood Alteration
Huffington Post (blog)
Although we have developed effective technologies to track the epidemiology of alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and other hedonic dependencies, strategies for their prevention and treatment remain sorely inept. We need new ways of ... Overeaters ...

Elton John Opens Up About Being Self-Absorbed During AIDS Outbreak
Cinema Blend
In a lengthy interview with Today's Matt Lauer, airing this week on NBC, John speaks candidly and openly about spending the early years of the AIDS epidemic absorbed in his own world of addiction and selfishness. He says many of his friends “right ...

Cinema Blend

Elton John Regrets Past Drug Use
"I was a drug addict and self-absorbed," said John, who explained this was in the early Eighties, around the same time the AIDS epidemic was starting. "You know, I was ... And yet I didn't stop the life that I had, which is the terrible thing about ...


Opiate Addiction Leads to Deadly Consequences in the Northland
Northland's NewsCenter
Duluth, MN (Northlands NewsCenter) -- Opiate pain killers have their place in an emergency room and doctor's office. Pills like opana and oxycontin are used for quickly treating intense pain, but lately these narcotics are being abused in the Northland.

Rausing family appeal for charity donations
The Independent
The family of Eva Rausing has appealed for donations to an anti-addiction charity after releasing a public tribute to her.

Eva Rausing's body 'wrapped in bin bags and sealed with gaffer tape' when ...
Evening Standard
Her family said they hoped their tribute, which detailed the various drug prevention and treatment charities the couple contributed to, would “draw attention to the tragedy of drug addiction.” He said : “This is a stark reminder that the illness of ...

Evening Standard

Sir Elton John can 'smell' cocaine at parties
Sir Elton John with Katy Perry at his Oscar-viewing party Getty ImagesThe 'Rocket Man' hit-maker has previously battled an addiction to the illicit substance but has been sober for over 20 years and has no problems avoiding temptation because he just ...

Rausing Due in Court Over Wife's Death
ABC News
Hans Kristian Rausing had been arrested in connection with the death though police say an autopsy failed to determine its cause. The couple had struggled publicly with drugs while donating millions to anti-addiction charities. Related Topics: London ...

ABC News

Addict To Activist: How Elton John Found His 'Cure'
Sir Elton John is constantly remembering his life as a drug addict, whether he wants to or not. ... In the first of a two-part interview, John tells Inskeep about his experiences with addiction, his change of attitude toward AIDS and how he became an ...


Billionaire Rausing charged with delaying wife's burial
However, they relapsed and were again plagued with an addiction to crack cocaine, while neighbours claimed they had lived in just two squalid rooms of their £70 million home before Mrs Rausing's death. Giving further details of her life, Mr Kemeny ...


Elton John says he 'wasted' too much of his life on drugs
Entertainment Weekly
“I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s and I was a drug addict and self-absorbed,” John told Lauer from his home. “You know, I was having people die right, left, and center around me — friends.

NASCAR Statement On Substance Abuse Program re: AJ ...
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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (July 17, 2012) NASCAR has been informed by the NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy Program Administrator (Dr. David Black of Aegis Sciences Corporation) that the test of AJ...
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Addiction to Cutting
By punkandtattooed
I started cutting when I was about 26 years old after I was sexually blackmailed and raped and manupliated by a powerful supervisor and that went on for about 18 months. I got married to escape him. But continue cutting therough the whole ...
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Substance Abuse and Drug Rehab Glossary: G – M | Recovery First
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In the first installment of the Substance Abuse and Drug Rehab Glossary, we discussed several terms that addicts use to hide their drug habits from law. ... Ask A Question. « Inpatient Treatment: How to Have Fun in Addiction Recovery ...
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Police Reports: Drug Addict Endangers Officer by Failing to Disclose ...
By Jim Price
Heroin addict had numerous used needles and open sores, but allowed herself and her paraphernalia to be handled without saying she had hepatitis C. ... Police Reports: Drug AddictEndangers Officer by Failing to Disclose Disease ...
Wauwatosa Patch

Alcoholic found dead in Na Jomtien | Pattaya today newspaper
By pattayatoday
A Na Jomtien farmer looking for coconuts instead found the corpse of a middle-aged man. Police determined that the deceased was 50-year-old Wanthong Chaetawan, who lived in a humble cottage in the Sattahip district. His older sister ...
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Children, Self esteem, substance abuse, safe sex, strangers ...
By Amy Voltero
Parents, the more you know, regarding proper education and warning signs of depression, low self esteem, substance abuse, ect, the better the odds are, in preventing these issues. Warning signs are, in my opinion are apparent. The problem ...
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Just For Today July 18- "The Gift of Desperation" - SoberRecovery ...
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"Our disease always resurfaced or continued to progress until, in desperation, we sought help from each other in Narcotics Anonymous." Basic. ... Just as the desperate, hunted animal seeks a safe haven, so do we: in Narcotics Anonymous.

Macaulay Culkin between Home Alone & Drug Addiction | Zainab ...
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Remember this cutie? Is it just me or does her look very svelte, like his name should be some strange Nordic concoction with a bunch of J's and D's oddly placed throughout (like Djordjockovich or something)? Above-photographed cutie ...
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Former addict surgeon exposes drugabuse inside medical ...
By PR NewsChannel
He looks back to his impoverished youth with alcoholic, workhorse parents who drove him into the medical profession against his will. As a result, he took to drugs to propel him to the top of his class and never learned how to quit his addiction.
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Craig Newsome fights painkiller addiction - ProFootballTalk - NBC ...
At a time then some in the media would wag their fingers at players who try to get more money for the risks they assume, here's another example of why players ...

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