To Fight Addiction, Feed Your Brain

To Fight Addiction, Feed Your Brain
Huffington Post
In my work with patients, I have seen how the 12-step approach can be very effective. But I have also seen that without dietary change an individual attempting abstinence and recovery is needlessly more vulnerable to relapse. 

Addict To Activist: How Elton John Found His 'Cure'
In Love Is the Cure, John recounts his journey from substance abuse to AIDS advocacy. ... In the first of a two-part interview, John tells Inskeep about his experiences with addiction, his change of attitude toward AIDS and how he became an activist.

NY law aimed at painkiller addiction called model
Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — A new state law designed to curb the prescription drug addiction that kills one American every 19 minutes is a model for the country, New York officials said Monday.

Ask Amy:Drug addiction tests friendship
San Jose Mercury News
... your drug use calls the shots, even when you're not using. Your addiction influences your judgment and whom you hang out with. Also, your drug use is a factor in why you don't have more (sober) friends. If you haven't attended 12-step or support ...

Ex-Addict: You Can Live a Productive Life
“The active alcoholic and drug addict does not see the situation the same way the rest of the world does. I was homeless and jobless. But I didn't understand what I was doing until someone said something to me at a detox facility and I saw who I was ...

Greed as Psycho-Pathology and Addiction
Huffington Post
Greed as Psycho-Pathology and Addiction - The Huffington Post.

Drug addiction tests friendship
Chicago Tribune
Your addiction influences your judgment and whom you hang out with. And — although you may not be aware of it — your drug use is a factor in why you don't have more (sober) friends. If you haven't attended 12-step or support meetings, you should now.

Addiction expert reveals what life in treatment center is like for politicians
The Hill
“With anything psychiatric or substance abuse-related, we still have a lot of taboo that's passed on. So it's definitely more taxing for a congressman or senator.” Amid growing speculation ... Khaleghi, the author of The Anatomy of Addiction ...

Ibogaine Clinic Provides Ibogaine Treatment While Allowing LAD Solutions to ...
San Francisco Chronicle
With the Internet providing a great resource to family members and those who find themselves faced with addiction, and the expertise of LAD Solutions, the Ibogaine clinic has found itself with the ability to create more awareness around their unique ...

Gastric bypass benefits offset alcoholism risks Ask Dr. H Mitchell Hecht
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
But I just read a story about gastric bypass patients being at increased risk of becoming an alcoholic. I don't drink very much, so how worried ... A slightly higher rate of alcoholism observed in gastric bypass patients was reported in a University of...

Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

Recovering alcoholic John tells his story of drinking and violence in Kings Cross
ABC Online
Recovering alcoholic John tells his story of drinking and violence in Kings Cross. By Jo Jarvis ... For more information contact Alcoholics Anonymous. ... Topics: community-and-society, drugs-and-substance-abuse, law-crime-and-justice, crime, police ...

Alcoholic liver disease risks more environmental than genetic
CBS News
Researchers in Britain have concluded that genetics only "modestly" affects the risk of drinkers contracting alcoholic liver disease.

CBS News

Badal approves drug de-addiction centre at Bathinda
Chandigarh, Jul 17 (PTI) Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today gave approval for setting up a drug de-addiction centre at Bathinda. A decision to this effect was taken by Badal on the recommendation of a team of experts comprising Ajit ...

Westland woman sentenced to prison for embezzling $600K to feed gambling ...
Detroit Free Press
An admitted gambling addict from Westland is going to prison for nearly three years for embezzling more than $600000 from her employer – a small family business that nearly went bankrupt and laid off employees because of the woman's crimes.

Consider this: Drug addiction's innocent victims (blog)
The distressing story of the most innocent victims of the prescription drug epidemic paints a clear reason to address the problem of addiction. Mulder reported Sunday that intensive care nurseries at Crouse and St. Joseph's hospitals are seeing an ...

Helpful behaviors to try on an addict
Auburn Citizen
Check The Citizen's health calendar Tuesdays for a schedule of local 12-step meetings. ... A really smart one if you follow these simple rules: hand him a sandwich, take him to the Rescue Mission in Syracuse, call the Finger Lakes Addiction Counseling ...

Substance Abuse Among Adults Over 50 (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
However, the real takeaway from the government survey is the challenge it presents to societal perceptions of drug use and addiction -- drug addicts are not just "the person on the corner," Taylor said. "No one is immune from this, and so it's not ...

Another de-addication centre to be set up at Bathinda
Times of India
Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal on Tuesday gave in principle approval to set up another 50-bedded model de-addiction center at Bathinda under the auspices of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences besides already approved four such centers ...

Law aimed at painkiller addiction called model
Albany Times Union
NEW YORK — New York's attorney general says a new state law designed to curb painkilleraddiction is a model for the entire country. Schneiderman was joined by New York state legislators who pushed the so-called I-STOP plan through the state Senate ...

Addiction Is a Disease of Cravings | Open Society Foundations
All drugs of abuse affect the area of the brain that is comprised of the ventral tegmental area , nucleus accumbens, and prefrontal cortex. These are sometimes referred to as the "reward system" and "pleasure center of the brain." However, the ...
Open Society Foundations

Whitney Houston's Death Raises Addiction Questions | FYI BeHealthy
How Is Addiction Treated? Most of us are familiar with 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Such programs, which offer intensive community support, can be very effective. But ultimately, the most effective addiction treatment varies from person to person, says substance abuse treatment expert Goldman. “Treatment is a very personal choice,” Goldman tells WebMD. “Nowadays there are many options: medications, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, ...
FYI BeHealthy

Westland Woman Claims Gambling Addiction Led To Theft « CBS ...
By mfusinski
DETROIT (WWJ) – A Westland woman is going to prison for nearly three years for embezzling more than $600000 from her employer. An FBI investigation revealed 40-year-old Lori Ann Caruso used her position at International Door Company ...
CBS Detroit

NY law aimed at painkiller addiction called model | Long Island ...
By The Associated Press
New York's attorney general says a new state law designed to curb painkiller addiction is a model for the entire country. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said Monday that a central database of prescriptions will show pharmacists if a ...
Long Island Business News

5 Alternatives to 12-Step Meetings | SMART Recovery®
By Admin
5 Alternatives to 12-Step Meetings. Many Paths to Recovery. Self Help Support for AddictionRecovery For over 250 years, Americans with alcohol and other drug problems have banded together for mutual support in recovery. It's true – it ...
SMART Recovery®

Substance Abuse and Drug Rehab Glossary: A – F | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
When it comes to drug rehab and addiction, most substance abusers speak in barely-comprehensible slang. This practice can help people hide from law enforcement, but it may also keep their friends and loved ones from finding out about ...
Recovery First

Big Book Quote - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help ...
By newby1961
Alcoholics Anonymous - Fourth Edition ON THE MOVE - Working the A.A. program showed thisalcoholic how to get from geographics to gratitude. Like everyone else I have good days and bad days. Unlike my attitude while I was still drinking, ...

Drug Addiction | Wealth | Solutions Recovery
NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy: The Toughest in Professional Sports ... Unsettling Questions About the Intersection of Drugs, Wealth, and Addiction. avatar ...

Alcoholism » BU Libraries | Boston University
Entries illuminate topics such as the favorite alcoholic beverages in America; how they are ...Begins with an introductory essay on addiction myths; types, causes and ramifications of ...Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. ... Annotated Bibliography of Alcoholics Anonymous, 1939-1989.

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