Prescription drug addiction among pregnant women becoming monstrous tidal wave

Prescription drug addiction among pregnant women becoming monstrous tidal wave (blog)
Treating pregnant women addicted to prescription meds. “You're told either you can take the methadone and your child could be born addicted, or you detox, stop taking everything and your baby could die,” one pregnant addict told us. Either way, “I'm ...

Addicts Misusing Drug Treatments
Wall Street Journal
In the latest sign of how entrenched the nation's epidemic of painkiller misuse has become, people are abusing treatments meant to cure their addiction. ...Buprenorphine is abused by injecting or snorting crushed tablets, according to the Center for ...

Wall Street Journal 

Substance abuse funding change challenges some Md. providers
Baltimore Sun
A dramatic change in how Maryland pays for substance abuse treatment programs is leaving some providers short on cash and displacing more than 200 drug and alcohol addicts, even as the state's four-year transition to a new funding system has ...

Baltimore Sun

Star Hub athlete overcame his secret addiction
Boston Herald
He took his talents to Merrimack, where he played for the baseball team and graduated with a degree in political science, despite his escalating addiction. He went on to manage a Cape Cod golf course, even as his opiate habit worsened and he became ...

Victims say crack addict demanded money
It was a busy weekend for Redford police before the holiday.

NBC News to have July 5 report on opiate addiction among pregnant women
State Journal
Doctors were interviewed about work at Marshall University and Cabell Huntington Hospital to address the issue of opiate drug addiction by pregnant women and its effect on newborns.

Addict kills two nieces, injure another
LAHORE, July 4: An addict allegedly killed his two nieces and injured another over a domestic row in Daroghawala on Wednesday. Baghbanpura police said Waseem Ahmad, a tea vendor, had been living in the upper portion of a two-and-a-half marla house ...

Alcoholic liver disease risk only 'modestly' affected by genetic factors
Research has suggested that environmental factors have a greater impact on the risk of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) than genetic predisposition. ... Alcoholic liver disease risk only 'modestly' affected by genetic factors. Published on July 5, 2012 at ...

Fiji makes efforts to address growing problem of drug abuse: official
SUVA, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Fiji trying its best to address the growing problem of drug and substance abuse that has cost the Government millions of dollars annually. Talica Malani, assistant director and education officer of the National Substance Abuse ...

Road-rage drug addict jailed
Reading Post
A HGV driver with a heroin addiction has been jailed for driving at a motorist in a road rage incident.

Former Addict Finds New Path Through Blog, Book, Career
When you battle addiction for 28 years, attaining goals in life can be nearly impossible, as former Mokena resident and Lincoln-Way Central grad Tommy Connolly knows this firsthand. At the age of 17, Connolly said he was a full-blown addict, and it ...

Dealing with alcohol abuse
India.Com Health
The recent Satyamev Jayate episode brought forward some questions that we tend to ignore about alcoholism. Addictions are dependent on external factors to feel a misplaced sense of control. It doesn't matter what form the addiction is in. Each ...

First-time teen tobacco and marijuana use booms in June and July
CBS News
(CBS News) Teenagers aged 13 to 17 are more likely to start smoking cigarettes or weed on an average day in June and July than any other month in the year, according to study results released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services ... Deni...

CBS News

Employee stole £8.5k from Poundland to fund his gambling addiction
Belfast Telegraph
A Poundland supervisor who stole £8500 from a safe to fund his gambling addiction has walked free from court after his 15-month jail term was suspended for three years.

Legal online poker raises stakes for those in danger of addiction
Sydney Morning Herald
NEARLY 130000 Australians are playing illegal internet poker games, with US operators raking in $68 million in one year, according to new research. Online casino games, including poker, are illegal in Australia but in May the federal government ...

Bath salts may be attributed to crimes involving naked men
MyFox Phoenix
There have been four incidents where naked men had a run-in with the law and an addictionspecialist believes some of the cases will be attributed to bath salts.

A modern-day scourge
Egyptian Gazette
Addiction is the most serious problem facing Egyptian society. The psychological, moral, physical, social and ... “Addicts are not in control of what they are doing, taking or using, which is whyaddiction is so harmful,” says Dr Atef Aboud, who works ...

Chronic pain may stem from pain addiction
New research reveals stronger connections between the nucleus accumbens and the prefrontal cortex of the brain in patients who experience pain long after the in.

When it's time to lay off the booze
The Star
Chris, like many people who have a drink problem, will always be an alcoholic. “It is a disease,” ... His mother and father were equally distraught at the sight of their son being gripped by alcoholism. “I remember my ... “I attended my first ...

The Star

POLL: Overdose deaths from painkillers surging, but methadone deaths peak
Fall River Herald News
Still, methadone accounts for nearly one-third of prescription painkiller deaths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday. Methadone, known mainly for treating heroinaddiction, is also prescribed for pain. Health officials say ...

Bi-Polar, Borderline personality disordered, alcoholic and I'm 23 | the
By Andreu
F--k what can I say I'm surrounded by people yet alone, I've almost always been alone, I loved once but lost the girl of my dreams to suicide, she broke up with me because of my drinking, I been in maximum security mental wards, Rehabs, ...
the suicide project

Prescription drug addiction among pregnant women becoming ...
“You're told either you can take the methadone and your child could be born addicted, or you detox, stop taking everything and your baby could die,” one pregnant addict told us. Either way, “I'm deathly scared.” The sheer volume of babies ...
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Addiction: Virtual Issue on Driving Under the Influence « The Wiley ...
By Wiley Asia
Addiction: Virtual Issue on Driving Under the Influence. Posted by Wiley Asia ⋅ July 5, 2012 ⋅ Leave a Comment. Filed Under Addiction, aside, health sciences · Virtual Issue: Driving Under the Influence Driving Under the Influence…has there ...
The Wiley Asia Blog

By betzalel wolff
The sexual addict's brain deftly and maliciously tricks the sufferer into thinking that everything in their life is okay and that they are doing just fine. “I don't need help,” the sexual addict brain says. “I'm not addicted to sex,” it persists, “I just have a ...
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