Rausing's death bares sorry end of addiction

Rausing's death bares sorry end of addiction
San Francisco Chronicle
Rausing's death appears to be the sorry end of years of struggle in which, people who know the family say, she and her husband couldn't shake off their troubles, growing increasingly isolated from their families as addiction tightened its grip ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Inside The Rausings' Troubled Past
Daily Beast
The glamorous couple had been photographed countless times as they glided through the glittering world of British high society. In recent months, though, tabloid images of Eva and Hans Kristian Rausing—one of Britain's richest duos and noted ...

Daily Beast

UK Tetrapak heiress addiction
Sky News Australia
A close friend of multi-millionaire Eva Rausing, who was discovered dead in her London mansion, has told Sky News she was a 'troubled soul' whose death was 'something we all thought would happen'. Eva Rausing's body was discovered by police on ...

Sky News Australia 

Eva Rausing: Addiction consumes regardless of wealth
Addiction comes up and blindsides people. I have not once met anyone who has chosen to be an addict. By the time they choose not to be an addict it can be awfully hard to step out of that. We call it a consuming relationship – you are consuming ...  

Vast wealth didn't shield the Rausings from drugs
CBS News
Charges were dropped in exchange for a formal police warning, but the arrest made public what close family and friends already knew: The golden couple, with untold riches, were deeply mired in drugaddiction even as they gave millions to numerous ... 

The Girl Who Wrote About Drugs: Cat Marnell on Vice, Addiction & More
Daily Beast
Today, though, most stories about drug addiction are told from the perspective of someone who's already been through rehab, looking back on their using days. Reading about a drug addict's life while she's an active addict, especially in real time, ...

Daily Beast

Drug addict steals family's security
London Free Press
Your son's reputation is his responsibility -- not yours. If he is a thieving drug addict at present, then that's his reality. He may successfully recover from his addiction. At that time, it will be his job (not yours) to clean up his messes, make ...

AToN Addiction Treatment Center Announces the Opening of their Second ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
AToN Center, located in San Diego County, adjacent to Rancho Santa Fe, recognizes Alcoholism and Addiction as having the potential to impair a person's functioning, and over time, destroy their quality of life. AToN Center is unique in that they offer ...

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Jesse Jackson Jr. Alcohol Addiction? Congressman's Office Denies Report Of ...
Huffington Post
Earlier reports about Jackson's condition suggested he was hospitalized due to alcoholism. NBC's Andrea ..... We're dealing with substance abuse issues in my family & it has torn us up. ... Mood disorder is an alcoholic, you drink and your mood changes.

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners to Announce Top-Line Data From CPP-109 ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"We are committed to bringing safe and effective breakthrough products for the treatment of cocaineaddiction to the market as quickly as possible, and the earlier reporting of these data is consistent with that philosophy." About the CPP-109 Phase II ...

Substance Abuse Care Shortage Predicted
Occupational Health and Safety
Leaders of HHS should bring national attention to the need for building a workforce of sufficient size, the committee that wrote the new Institute of Medicine report recommended.

Many baby boomers face mental health and substance abuse issues
A report released on July 10 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM; the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences) presented some disturbing findings regarding care for mental health and substance abuse issues for seniors. The committee that ...


Hanley Center & Caron Treatment Centers Unite
MarketWatch (press release)
As a result of this unification of industry leaders, Caron becomes the largest and most comprehensive non-profit addiction treatment provider in the country when measured by treatment services revenue. With the collective resources of Hanley Center and ...

Jeff Dubay talks about addiction, recovery on WCCO
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota.

Do I Have A Food Addiction? | Psychology Today
By Sherry Pagoto, Ph.D.
Addiction is also characterized by unsuccessful efforts to cut down. However, just because you have not been successful at dieting does not mean you are a food addict. The difference with foodaddiction is that dieting attempts are short-lived ...
Psychology Today Blogs

What It's Really Like To Be An Alcoholic | Thought Catalog
By Jamie Iredell
Example: An alcoholic gets emotional: angry, sentimental, happy, etcetera. Those emotions .... Your own family is this way: they can't admit that there's a history of alcoholism on both your father's and your mother's sides, nor can they accept it when you tell them that you have a drinking problem. They say, You ... I'm not a believer in 12-step programs, because no god — or gods — has anything to do with my addiction, and I believe that that addiction is a curable disease. To that end ...
Thought Catalog

Community Health Centers Reconsidered: Addiction Treatment in ...
By clairedclark
The passage of the Wellstone-Domenici Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act in 2008 established parity for mental health and addiction treatment, which means that private insurance providers are required to fund these services in much the same ... the Obama administration's planned implementation of the ACA will continue to boost federal support for Community Health Centers that integrate mental health, crisis support or substance abuse treatment into their suite of services.
Points: The Blog of the Alcohol...

Report Calls Substance Abuse a Growing Problem Among Older ...
By Tyler Van Steinburgh
Join Together (7/11/12): Substance abuse is a growing problem among older Americans, and the nation's health care system is not prepared to adequately address the need, according to a report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).
Substance Abuse Resources for...

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