Scam watch: Alcoholism treatment

Scam watch: Alcoholism treatment, 'sextortion,' fake bills
Los Angeles Times
Alcoholism treatment — A federal judge has ordered the marketers of a phony alcoholism cure to pay more than $700000 in penalties. The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida attorney general's office had accused Alcoholism Cure Corp., also known ...

Substance abuse
Braintree officials will host a Substance Abuse Night on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at Braintree Town Hall. Hosted by Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey and state Senator John Keenan, the presentation will provide an overview and update of substance ...

When Enough's Enough: Drug Addiction and Treatment
According to a five-year national study conducted by The National Center on Addiction andSubstance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA Columbia), 40 million Americans ages 12 and older struggle with addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. ... If you've been affected by an active alcoholic and/or drug addict, MARR offers Loving Someone with Addiction—a one-day seminar that is open to the community and educates families about the theories of addiction, addictive thinking and the need for ...

Reporter knows that life is possible after heroin addiction
Peoria Journal Star
I'd like to say that desolate night in January 2001 was my final hit, but the reality of addiction - and heroin in particular - is that the essence of that first high and the drive to attain it one more time obliterate the torture of withdrawal. After my first inpatient rehab, ...

Recovering alcoholic Laura C celebrates her journey from being broken to ...
C, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuser, was watching a weeklong special segment on women and drinking on “The Today Show” several years ago, when she unintentionally thrust herself into the spotlight, giving a face to a hidden recovery demographic. “I had just gotten newly ... Today, C, who is five years sober, has a career performing and recording “recovery music” — a term she coined — using her songs to share her journey and connect with others struggling to overcomeaddiction. She deliberately ...

New gateways to addiction
The Westerly Sun
Astrid Meijer, the tobacco program coordinator for the Chariho Task Force on Substance AbusePrevention, shows the kit she uses to educate people about the latest tobacco, nicotine and smokeless tobacco products available. Posted: Saturday, July 21, ...

Deptford tent city unveils homeless population, addiction issues in South Jersey
Gloucester County Times -
Substance abuse, the men admit, is what got them here in the first place. “That's what caused my wife to leave,” Imme Six said. “She left me. I lost it. I started drinking pretty heavy.” Imme Six is the father of three teenage children. In his former life, he worked as ...

Gloucester County Times -

The Situation -- Sued for Hiding Rx Drug Addiction
Sitch checked into rehab for a prescription drug addiction ... which they claim his PR team lied to them about, before later copping to the truth. They say his failure to disclose his drug addiction is a breach of contract and they want all their money back.

Beebe: Kudos to prescription drug abuse series
Nashua Telegraph
(June 24-29: “Rx: Addiction Epidemic”). For the past 35 years, I've been an alcohol/drug abuse counselor who has worked in ... I have never met a client who pre-planned a drug problem or chose to become an addict. Drug troubles are like poison ivy; some get it, some don't, and you have to be exposed to ... has been an absolutely costly and miserable failure, because underlying 85 percent of all crime is substance abuse disorder. Treatment is very tough on drug abusers because they are held accountable for their ...

Confessions Of A Weed Addict
THE Weed Blog (blog)
Coming from a dysfunctional family background plagued by real drug abuse and alcoholism I find the witch hunt of marijuana users medical or not a waste of taxpayers' time and money. After 38 years on this earth, 10 of it honorable military service than on to ...

Rewiring the brain (blog)
Addiction seems hardwired into our brains. In the 1950s, psychologists had already pinpointed our brain's pleasure center, found in the limbic system. When rats were allowed to use a lever to stimulate electrically their limbic system, they “self-stimulated ...

'I nearly molested one of my clients': Sex addict
Malaysia Chronicle
He agreed to share his story in the hope that some people will understand what a sexaddict goes through. ... gone without it for two to three days in a row. Sex no longer became all-consuming." He hopes that by the time of his wedding in November next year, he'd have fully overcome his sex addiction. Says Mr Ang: "If anything, I now have a constant sex partner." Think you may be a sex addict? ... It's based on the principles of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, a model pioneered byAlcoholics Anonymous.

Malaysia Chronicle

Court rejects parole for drunken driver
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
In 1996, Frederick Davidson, a 46-year-old alcoholic, stumbled out of a bar in the Los Angeles County town of Lancaster, drove off with his teenage son, ran through a stop sign, slammed into another car and killed the driver, Luther Wafford. Davidson, who ...

Middle Tennessee pastor Rickey Reed, caught on tape in attempted break-in ...
mercy as someone who was acting in the throes of a drug addiction but has since gotten help? "This is a serious offense, Mr. Reed," Rutherford County Judge David Bragg told Reed, 55. "A person's home is their sanctuary, no less than where they pray." ...


Coalition seeks car show sponsors
“Our mission for this event is to support substance abuse awareness and prevention in the community,” said executive director Susan Nicholas. “This is the first time that we will be holding this event and we hope that the community will come out and show its ...

Money does not give you immunity from bad habits
Irish Independent
The surprise for me in this story is the denial around addiction and the ridiculous notion that if you have money you're immune to the barbaric behaviours which addictions inflict. Eva Rausing's mother claimed her daughter's death was as a result of a tough ...

Irish Independent

Cormack, Hall to attend conference
Coshocton Tribune
COSHOCTON -- Local substance abuse professionals, Jeanette Hall and Beth Cormack, from Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices, will attend the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America's 2012 Mid-Year Training Institute July 22-26 in Nashville, Tenn. CADCA's Mid-Year ... Grant funding from the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction is making the trip possible for the local professionals who will join more than 1800 other specialists and advocates from across the country. Coshocton Behavioral Health ...

Treatment center sees increases in client numbers
Pfeifer said the increase is partly because of the increasing number of people recognizing addictionas a treatable illness and partly because there is an increase in substance abuse. "In a sense, it's a double-edged sword," she said. The number of ...

Pastor given probation in burglary case
San Francisco Chronicle
He told a Rutherford County judge on Friday that he acted in the throes of addiction and has since gotten help. Reed was arrested after Jean Harris caught him on video trying to break into her home last summer. Harris testified in court that she will probably ...

Smokers' rights website 'cynical'
The Dominion Post
A cigarette company's attempts to mobilise Kiwi opposition to anti-smoking laws by setting up a "smoker's rights" website has been condemned by a world expert on nicotine addiction, who says it is a cynical “astroturf” campaign. Dr Joseph DiFranza, who is in ...

It's not a disease, but a choice
I was dismayed though not surprised to read your editorial on addiction. (Wednesday, "Addicts deserve our respect.") I agree that addicts deserve our respect, but not because they are addicts. All life is sacred, therefore all life deserves our respect, addicts ...

Actress and booze-free music festival organiser lifts the lid on her drink and ...
In her mid-20s, Sharon was in the throes of deep alcoholism and a drug addiction. She had moved to London after winning a place at the prestigious Italia Conti acting academy at the tender age of 17. But even then, she said half the attraction of moving was ...

Adult Psychiatrist Joins Oswego Health's Behavior Health Services Department
Oswego Daily News
OSWEGO, NY – Adult Psychiatrist Victor Otokiti who possesses expertise in treating those with substance abuse issues, has joined the Oswego Hospital medical staff and provides care at the healthcare's behavioral health services department on Bunner Street in Oswego. Victor Otokiti ... Dr. Otokiti completed his psychiatric residency training at Metropolitan Hospital and fulfilled a fellowship in addictionpsychiatry/addiction medicine at The Mount Sinai Hospital/Veterans Medical Center. Both of these medical training ...

Oswego Daily News

Intelligentsia hails govt's health move
Times of India
Youths who are introvert having appositional traits like poor impulse control are highly sensitive, less talkative and are poor in studies are seen to be more vulnerable to gutka or paan masala addiction. Peer group culture and unhealthy family environment ...

How my addiction see's a drink - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug ...
By Tendencies
Only an alcoholic would do that, think like that. How can someone just have one drink? If I had one drink with a friend at a bar our at their house I would sometimes pass because I had to drive and I could not get drunk. So what was the point?

The Situation — Sued for Hiding Rx Drug Addiction |
By agyateng
Rx Drug Addiction. exclusive. 0721_the_situation_tmz. The Situation was supposed to be the face of some anti-fat cream, but instead he ended up in rehab and never did a thing … so says the company who hired him … and now they want ...

Facebook Addiction: Lets Get Personal | Lux Magazine
By Lux Girl
by: Kim Cass With more than 500 million active users, it's no wonder Facebook has become a social media giant. But what is it about.
Lux Magazine

looking for support group for writing bad checks, it is an addiction
By cupcake811
a family member has a history of writing bad checks and identity theft any suggestions would be appreciated.
Support Groups

Addiction Inbox: John Berryman and the Poetry of “Irresistible Descent”
By Dirk Hanson
Addiction Inbox. The Science of Substance Abuse. Dirk Hanson. Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings.
Addiction Inbox

looking to start an online support group meeting. : Sexual Addiction ...
By jonny100684
looking to start an online support group meeting. Sexual Addiction message board, open discussion, and online support group. Forum rules. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. looking to start an online support group meeting. Post by jonny100684 » Sat Jul ...
Psychforums : Psychology and...

'The Situation' Sued For Not Disclosing Addiction - Bitten and Bound
By Missy
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is being sued by anti-fat cream manufacturer Performance Brands for breach of contract. He was paid $75000 to rep for them right before he went to rehab.
Bitten and Bound

Addict Pride? | The Fix
The Fix - addiction and recovery, straight up ... I wrote about the idea in an article earlier this year; since then, ex-addict and neuroscientist Marc Lewis also ...

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