Review: 'Pass it On' offers illuminating look at AA

Review: 'Pass it On' offers illuminating look at AA
The News-Press
If you're not a recovering alcoholic or addict, "Pass It On" probably won't reach as deeply into your soul as it apparently did for many audience members Friday night. True, the Alcoholics Anonymous play offers an informative, often engrossing peek at "Bill W.

Steven McGovern, son of former S.D. senator, dies
The statement said McGovern died on his birthday in hospice care. His sister, Ann McGovern, said in the statement, "Steve had a long struggle with alcoholism. We will all miss him deeply, but are grateful that he is now at peace." Funeral arrangements are ...

Internet addiction even worries Silicon Valley
The Guardian
Although the idea of a clinical disorder of internet addiction was first mooted in the 90s and is now regularly treated by doctors on both sides of the Atlantic, attention is shifting from compulsive surfing to the effects of the all-pervasive demands that our phones, ...

The Guardian

Recovering from addiction
Suffolk News-Herald
One of the first faith-based addiction recovery programs in Suffolk is now up and running. After a year and a half of training, ... MacMillan said the program is based on a traditional 12-step program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. But unlike those programs, it guides participants using the Bible along with the 12 steps. It also encourages them to ... “In some families, you might have an alcoholic parent, and you might also need a place for their kids to come,” he said. “It's intended to be a whole ...

50 Shades of Grey: What's the Addiction?
50 Shades of Grey: What's the Addiction? Everyone (and their mother) seems to be reading it. So what is all the fuss about? By Korey Fratus; Email the author; 6:00 am. Tweet. Email. Print. Comment. ‹ Back to Article. new Video_thumb. Embed | Share. context ...

Wis. substance-abuse charity named after late comedian Chris Farley shuts down
The Republic
A Wisconsin charity named after the late comedian Chris Farley has shut down after more than a decade of helping others fight substance abuse. Farley's brother, Tom Farley, announced Tuesday that The Chris Farley Foundation would immediately cease ...

Female alcoholics on the rise in Japan
JAPAN - Diagnosed as an alcoholic 20 years ago, Yoko Kojima has managed to stay off the bottle, partially through the help of an alcoholics support group, and now works to help women suffering from the same addiction at an all-female alcohol treatment ...


Steven McGovern, son of former SD senator, dies
... by Miller Funeral Home of Sioux Falls said Steven McGovern died Friday after a lengthy illness. The statement said McGovern died on his birthday in hospice care. His sister, Ann McGovern, said in the statement, "Steve had a long struggle with alcoholism.

Family of Aloha man killed by deputies speaks of his struggle with alcoholism ...
Anderson, who loved camping, trips to the coast and music, was battling depression and alcoholism, his family said. "Get off the ... Jeffery Anderson was a severely depressed alcoholic who began pulling away from his wife and family during the past year.

Can Internet addiction be a real disorder?
China, Korea, and Taiwan have accepted Internet addiction as a psychiatric problem, and treatment centers are established to treat people who are considered to have such problems. Even America's Diagnostic and ... Constantly checking an ex's Facebook status doesn't mean that you're an Internet addict, and it's not unordinary for many people to strongly associate Facebook with the Internet—Facebook is, after all, one of the most widely surfed social networking site. Although there are people who feel that Internet ...


Cyrus Gray Will Contribute In 2012
Arrowhead Addict
“With the 182nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Cyrus Gray, runningback, Texas A&M.” Those words were music to my ears on that overcast Saturday evening in Kansas City. Veterans Jackie Battle and Thomas Jones were both on ...

Behavioral Health Group Announces Appointment of Kelly Clark, MD, MBA as ... (press release)
She has practiced addiction medicine and psychiatry throughout the continuum of care, and taught addiction treatment as a faulty member of the University of Massachusetts. She comes to BHG having most recently worked to integrate medical and behavioral ...

Naperville heroin victim's mom vows to help others
Chicago Daily Herald
Less than a week after losing her 20-year-old son to the addiction he fought for nearly a year, she's determined to never let another parent feel the same way. Advertisement. “Addiction is a disease that we are ashamed to ... Ultimately, it was the longtime friends, recovering addicts from his Narcotics Anonymous program and others who attended Thursday night's memorial service for John that inspired her to not let anyone else's son or daughter get hijacked. “This is the turning point. We need to stop sweeping this ...

I was enslaved to sex and alcohol for 10 years
The Citizen Daily
Not many people would be courageous enough to freely talk about their tainted past, especially if this past has to do with alcoholism and sex addiction, taboo subjects in our society. And yet 32-year-old Titus Ndiritu has done exactly this. His troubling past is ...

Arkansas drug court offers faith-based options
Battling an addiction to crack cocaine, Lisa Washington said she wandered in that day in 2006, not because she had a pending case but because Ohm had been one of her instructors at a community college, and she thought he might be able to help her. "If you don't help me, I'm going... as well as the Quapaw House. Defendants with less severe addictions are given the option of attending support group meetings, including the Bible based Celebrate Recovery and 12-stepprograms such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bathsalts: Why would anyone abuse plant food?
Everyone knows what happens in addiction, don't they? Still, every day numbers of youth and adults pick up a bottle of alcohol or consume drugs for whatever their reasons. Too many become addicted. And worse yet, too many don't get the help they need for ...

Substance abuse at village park
Epworth Bells
POLICE are investigating reports of young people drinking alcohol and engaging in substance abuse at Westwoodside Park. A spokesman for the Local Neighbourhood Team said they were encouraging anyone with information about this to contact ...

New Addiction Treatment Drug Could Be Alternative to Suboxone
American News Report
A Swedish pharmaceutical company says it will soon seek approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a new medication to treat opioid dependency. Two clinical trials have been completed on the drug, called OX219, and Orexo says it received ...

American News Report

Ex-banker gets 2 years in Indiana molest case
San Francisco Chronicle
The South Bend Tribune reports ( ) that 44-year-old William C. Peterson of Granger pleaded with St. Joseph County Judge Jane Woodward Miller Friday to allow him to remain in treatment for alcoholism. But Miller found that Peterson had ...

Balancing Act: Smartphones can crimp vacations, relationships
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
While smartphone addiction has been difficult to track, in a survey by mobile-services provider iPass, 91 percent of mobile users said they use their free time, both day and night, to check their smartphones. Among those, almost 30 percent check their ...

Nelson enters guilty, no contest pleas • Sentences suspended
Alva Review-Courier
The case of kidnapping, soliciting a minor for sexual purposes and providing alcoholic beverage to a minor against Duane T. Nelson ended Tuesday with both guilty and no contest pleas. Assistant District Attorney Westline Ritter presented motions to the court to dismiss the ...Hickman said Nelson will continue working with the counselor in Enid on substance abuseissues and any other issues until the counselor dismisses him. She said the defendant had seen numerous doctors at Alva, Enid and the Oklahoma ...

Are you addicted?
“The incredible array of pornography that is available to young men is creating an addiction to arousal and habituating young men to similarity,” Zimbardo tells the paper The Stanford Daily. “They are thus unable to perceive reality as it is and are much less ...

Relocation rather than closure
Kuensel, Buhutan's National Newspaper
Narcotics And Alcoholics Anonymous Centre: The one-month old narcotics and alcoholics anonymous centre located in Tshongdue, Paro will not suffer an early shutdown, according to the Chithuen Phendhey association. The association is a civil society organisation ...Additionally, Tshewang Tenzin said that some clients may require confidentiality, given the “stigma” associated with alcoholism and drugs in Bhutan, and so a location outside town may be preferable. He also pointed out that the monthly rent of Nu ...

Death by sugar
Irish Independent
The surge in diabetic death between 1900 and 1920 coincided with the sweeties and fizzy drinks industries properly taking off The cycle of addiction -- obsession and craving, caving in and using, remorse and shame, passage of time, more obsession and craving, more caving in and using -- happens with sugar too .... While being a drug addict is socially unacceptable, and being an alcoholic less so -- because booze is a legal social drug -- being a sugar addict is not only acceptable but positively encouraged. Go on ...

Son Of Former Senator George McGovern Dies
"Steve had a long struggle with alcoholism. We will all miss him deeply, but are grateful that he is now at peace," Ann McGovern, sister of Steven McGovern, said. Funeral arrangements are pending. © 2012 KELOLAND TV. All Rights Reserved. Previous Story ...

Florida House Experience is Celebrating Its Staff's Achievement of Over 500 ... (press release)
Florida addiction treatment is highly sought after due to the extensive recovery community in certain areas of the state and its addiction treatment facilities with very high success rates. There are twelve step meetings every day of the week and in a wide variety ...

Not just alcoholics, diabetics and obese too prone to liver diseases
India.Com Health
Hindi cinema's first true superstar Rajesh Khanna could have lived more had he abstained fromalcoholism. Kaka's excessive drinking habit caused him liver problems resulting in his untimely death. On the ... While excessive alcohol is said to traditionally result in liver diseases, it is the emergence of non alcoholic category that has come up to be a major cause of concern given the relative lack of awareness about the trend. The Non–Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is becoming a major factor for chronic liver ...

The 6th Sense...Intuition and the Alcoholic... - SoberRecovery ...
By Alucard
The continual daily drinking of a 12 pack plus, the sleeping in until 11am, the am tremors, the needing to go back to it's drug addled and alcoholic roots, and then recently I heard the bombshell from a pal who talked to the big mouthed sister ...

Does Your Loved One Abuse Alcohol?
By Challenges Addiction Treatment
If you or a loved one abuses alcohol, there are programs available for them to overcome thataddiction. Get your loved one into an alcohol abuse program today.
Challenges Program

Internet addiction even worries Silicon Valley | The Raw Story
Although the idea of a clinical disorder of internet addiction was first mooted in the 90s and is now regularly treated by doctors on both sides of the Atlantic, ...

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