If Not AA, Then What?

Addictions & Answers: 'Isn't it arrogant and self-serving to say 12 Step Programs ...
New York Daily News
Some former addicts have found other ways to get sober and stay sober, so are 12-step programs the only way to get over alcoholism? NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Thursday, July 19, 2012, 5:13 PM. Print ... Promoting 12 Step alternatives? A spouse, a cat and maybe a few Hail Mary's to keep sober? DR. DAVE: I'm just going “back to the future,” Bill. Those first 100 drunks did pretty good at recovery without any formal Alcoholics Anonymous and 12 Steps. BILL: Charlie Sheen dismisses AA as “a cult.” What do you see ...

New York Daily News

If Not AA, Then What? SMART Recovery and the AA Alternatives
Huffington Post (blog)
Their reasons include not wanting to accept the labels "addict" or "alcoholic," not wanting to attend groups of any kind, not wanting to consider oneself powerless, not thinking of oneself as having a disease, or not wanting an approach that encourages lifelong ... Like. 27k. Get Alerts. Addiction and Recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step groups are the leading U.S. approach toaddiction recovery. Millions have attended these meetings and "worked the steps." Popular media include countless . . .  

Translating the 12 Steps into Therapeutic Tasks for Sexual Addiction Recovery ...
PsychCentral.com (blog)
The reality escapes these individuals that the only people likely to spot a sex addict at a 12-stepsexual recovery meeting are other sex addicts who are dealing with the same basic set of problems, and these are the last people on earth likely to gossip about ...

Battling Alcoholism in Whiteclay: The Front Lines
... in the country. In this second segment, we go to the front lines of the battle againstalcoholism on the Pine Ridge reservation to find out why some people there say throwing money at the problem might not be the answer. ... In a small building on a quiet street in Martin, South Dakota, about 45 miles east of Whiteclay, Gayle Kocer and Suzy Dennis run one of the few addiction treatment centers that serve the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. ... Dennis is a recovering alcoholic with 25 years of sobriety under her belt.


Jacksonville company must pay restitution for bogus alcoholism cure
St. Augustine Record
The company charged customers approximately $350 and prescribed dietary supplements, saying it would cure alcoholism and had been scientifically proven to work. After people signed up, the company would make unauthorized withdrawals, according to ...

NFL: Bears' Collins banned one game for substance abuse
Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) - Chicago Bears defensive tackle Nate Collins has been suspended without pay for his team's first game of the 2012 regular season for violating the league's substance abuse policy, the National Football League said on Thursday. Collins, who ...

Bears DT Collins suspended 1 game
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP). The NFL says Chicago Bears defensive tackle Nate Collins has been suspended without pay for the upcoming season opener for violating its substance abuse program. Cam Newton ...


Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Feeling Impulsive, Compulsive, or Addicted?
Huffington Post (blog)
Researchers from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine enrolled 27 participants with pathological addiction to gambling in a study to examine the effectiveness of NAC. Significant reductions of gambling behaviors were observed in 16 participants, ...

16 signs you could be a sex addict
Capital FM Kenya
This addiction can involve many different sexual behaviors that may be either strong urges to have sex, masturbate, watch porn, or even flirt! You know you are a sexaddict when your behavior on the above mentioned gets out of control such that it gets in your ...

Capital FM Kenya

Singer sues historian Diarmuid Ferriter over alcoholic book cover photo
Irish Independent
Mr Connolly said that Mr Lyons believed that the photo of him "conveys that he is an alcoholic; that he drinks alcohol to excess; is representative of Irish drink culture which is damaging to Irish society and that Mr Lyons is part of a disreputable part of Irish ...

Bears DT Collins suspended 1 game for violating league's substance abuse ...
Chicago Tribune
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) — The NFL says Chicago Bears defensive tackle Nate Collins has been suspended without pay for the upcoming season opener for violating its substance abuse program. The punishment was announced Thursday. The league did ...

Police suspect Sage Stallone was a drug dealer rather than an addict
Zee News
Police suspect Sage Stallone was a drug dealer rather than an addict New York: Authorities believe that Sage Stallone was not a drug addict but a dealer, because his weight did not indicate the symptoms.

Zee News

Restitution ordered in bogus alcoholism cure scheme
First Coast News
The order also bans the company, which is based in Jacksonville, and its owner, Robert Douglas Krotzer, from marketing or selling any treatment or cure foralcoholism, drug addiction or any other human health-related problem. Attorney General Pam Bondi ...

First Coast News

Addiction centre that was exposed in malpractice investigation is referred to ...
West End Extra
In January, a CQC survey of 243 patients found 51 per cent were “prescribed methadone outside national guidelines for their opiate addiction”. The report added: “There was no documentation of the rationale for prescribing medicines outside national ...

FTC and Florida Attorney General Win Judgment in Bogus Alcoholism Cure ...
Imperial Valley News
Washington, DC - A federal court in Florida has ruled in favor of the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General, and ordered the marketers of a phony alcoholism "cure" program to pay more than $700000 for having tricked consumers into ...

Personal Matters: Is this a relationship or love addiction
Gloucester Daily Times
Since love addiction seems to be present, you may also want to explore a group such as Al-Anon, which — while it deals with addiction for those who are addicted to others, most often to theiralcoholic spouses or lovers — may still offer appropriate support for ...

Former porn addict focuses on helping others through national organization
Shawnee Dispatch
24-25. In addition to teaching and worship sessions, the conference will feature breakout sessions on topics ranging from porn addiction and abortion to human trafficking and marital conflict. Registration is now available and price of admission is $35.

Drug arrests up substance abuse treatment services funding down; who suffers?
The law is listed as 22-42-15 ingesting substance except alcoholic beverages for the purpose of becoming intoxicated. The penalties can ... In essence South Dakota has criminalized addiction so you can become a felon for being an addict. This seems to be ...

Addiction likely after first injection: study
Vancouver Sun
A distressing number of Vancouver's street-involved youth who experiment with injection drugs become regular injectors, a new study has found. Of those who begin experimenting, 84 per cent become regular injection drug users within a year and 60 per cent ...

Police suspect Sage was a drug dealer rather than an addict
Newstrack India
New York, July 20 (ANI): Authorities believe that Sage Stallone was not a drug addict but a dealer, because his weight did not indicate the symptoms. Investigators found huge, empty bottles-made for prescription pills-in Sage's home, triggering a probe into his ...

Glenbeigh offers free program for families of adult addicts
Canton Repository
On July 28, Max Burkins, program manager of the Glenbeigh Outpatient Center of Canton, will present “Surviving the Pain of Your Adult Child's Addiction,” along with April Myers, a substance-abuse counselor.

Man nets rehab for trading $10K worth of fish for crack
San Mateo Daily Journal
Bates, who has been accepted into the Delancey Street Foundation's addictionrecovery program in San Francisco, wiped away tears and thanked the judge for a chance to turn his life around. “I just feel a lot of guilt right now,” he said. In October 2011, Bates ...

San Mateo Daily Journal

Group honored for substance abuse prevention efforts
North Platte Telegraph
Platte Valley Gymnastics was honored this week as the recipient of the Community ConnectionsSubstance Abuse Prevention coalition's quarterly award for their efforts in preventing drug and alcohol abuse. "Our coalition works to promote a health community ...

Disabled addict hid loot on his lap in wheelchair
Worcester News
A DRUG addict in a wheelchair hid stolen loot under a blanket on his lap. Christopher Smith, aged 30, ... David Ollivere, defending Spencer, said: “It will come as no surprise that her life has been blighted by her addiction to heroin.” Mr Ollivere said Spencer ...

Bears DT Collins Suspended For Substance Abuse « CBS Chicago
By Sam Zuba
(CBS) Bears defensive tackle Nate Collins has been suspended without pay for the team's first game of the 2012 regular season and fined an additional game check for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse, a league ...
CBS Chicago

18 Year Old Drug Addict Gunned Down in Brazil | Best Gore
By Best Gore
A witness, presumably the victim's father told the reporter that Lucas was a drug addict and spend some time on CZ after a few drug related convictions (no idea what CZ stands for, Bruna aka Brazilian Da Silva doesn't know either but it could ...
Best Gore

Substance Abuse and Drug Rehab Glossary: T – Z | Recovery First
By russbarnstein
In the first three parts of the Substance Abuse and Drug Rehab Glossary, we talked about many of the most prevalent slang terms among drug users. ... drug rehab services possible. Addiction is a deadly disease, so don't delay any longer.
Recovery First

Marijuana anyone? - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction ...
By simp007
I'll begin with my substance abuse, marijuana. If you can call it abuse. Even as I write this, I don't feel I ... I grew up with an alcoholic father, who was sexually abusive. In retrospect, it seemsaddiction was ... (why did I start back? oh, yeah, I'm an addict). Needless to say, I didn't stop experimenting ... Marijuana stayed my drug of choice and eventually that's all I was doing, which is why I firmly believe we don't choose our addiction, it chooses us. If I had to choose an addiction, well, that's ...

Stokes Valley Doctor Guilty Of Malpractice | Stuff.co.nz
By Matt Stewart
A Stokes Valley doctor has been found guilty of malpractice for overprescribing high doses of controlled drugs to a known addict.
Stuff.co.nz - National

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