Are Athletes Primed for Prescription Drug Addiction? (blog)
During Olympic season, the public watches in awe as talented athletes from around the world compete, secretly waiting to see which ones are going to test positive for steroids. But steroids aren't the only drug problem plaguing elite athletes. There is ...

'Frightening' levels of drug addiction revealed in report
Scotland Courier
Information released by the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership shows that more than 80% of inmates entering Perth Prison over a six-month period tested positive for illegal substances, well above the Scottish average of 56%. A further 18 outgoing prisoners ...

Scotland Courier

Illicit Drug Use By Teenagers On The Rise In US Schools
A new survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia) in New York City found that 90 percent of high school students in the U.S. are aware of fellow students using illicit drugs, like alcohol and ...


Greenbrier tackles drug abuse and addiction issues
Beckley Register-Herald
MAXWELTON — Representatives from social service agencies, the medical and religious communities, law enforcement and the courts, along with public officials shared their frustrations about the growing drug problem in Greenbrier County during an open ...

LSD could help alcoholics stop drinking, AA founder believed
The Guardian
Lattin found letters and documents revealing that Wilson at first struggled with the idea that one drug could be used to overcome addiction to another. LSD, which was first synthesised in 1938, is a non-addictive drug that alters thought processes and ...

The Guardian

The opiate Trap
Dr. Wayne Pasanen, vice president for medical affairs at Lowell General Hospital, said addiction is a “raging epidemic,” and more people die of opiate overdoses in the United States than from firearm injuries. “There's been an eightfold increase of ...

Many Teens Drinking, Taking Drugs During School: Survey
Philadelphia Inquirer
"If kids know who is using drugs, why don't the staff?" he asked. Feinstein concluded, "Preventingaddiction is all about preventing teen substance use because the developing brain is more vulnerable. We really need to look at this as a health care ...

'Designer' drugs are kids' latest craze
Washington Examiner
Kids would come to school acting unusually hyperactive or agitated, said Saul Levin, a senior deputy director of D.C.'s Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration. Some, he said, would become so psychotic they'd require an emergency room trip.

Fraud witness admits to drug addiction - ...
A major witness against an Upper Southampton man who is accused of defrauding hundreds of seniors in a home health care insurance scam Wednesday ...

Elton John Reflects on Drug Addiction
Elton John is the latest celebrity to talk about his struggles with drugs. Learn what Elton said about his life addicted to cocaine.

New Strategy For Treating Cocaine Addiction
The Biological SCENE
For recovering cocaine addicts, even the slightest reminder of their past drug use, such as people they used cocaine with, places they bought drugs, or even music they listened to while using, can trigger a relapse. Addiction researchers call this cue ...

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