How Childhood Suffering Can Lead to Depression and Addiction

How Childhood Trauma May Make the Brain Vulnerable to Addiction, Depression
Childhood trauma has long been known to raise a child's odds of developing depression and addiction later on. Now, a small but intriguing new study links these risks to specific changes in the brain, finding that disruptions in certain neural networks are ...


Why Childhood Suffering Can Lead to Depression — And Even Addiction
The findings reveal that childhood suffering triggers a disruption in particular neural networks which are linked to a greater chance of developing substance abuse problems, depression or both in teens. Researchers studied 32 teens, 19 of whom had ...

Tyler Sash Suspension Proves NFL Substance Abuse Policy Is a Bunch of Nonsense
Bleacher Report
If players like Tyler Sash have to serve a suspension under then NFL's substance abuse policy, the policy needs to go. Sash, a safety for the New York Giants, was suspended by the NFL after testing positive for Adderall—a drug he was legally taking after it ...

Bleacher Report

Macaulay Culkin Denies Heroin Addiction Claims
Business Insider
Macaulay Culkin, the Home Alone child film star, has insisted that he is not a heroin addict. The star's agent denied press reports on Thursday that the actor was addicted to hard drugs and had only six months to live. "The report is not only categorically without ...

Business Insider

Teenagers, Porn and Sexual Addiction: What's the Problem? (blog)
For the most part, our lack of access to pornography (and heroin, for that matter) prevented addiction. Those days are long gone. In the Internet age, hardcore pornography is widely and instantly accessible to anyone who goes looking for it, and even to ... (blog)

ValueOptions® and the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership Receive ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The award includes a $2.67 million grant to fund a new program which will use recovery peer navigators and incentives that will help to improve substance abuse treatment outcomes and reduce costs for the Commonwealth. MBHP will partner with Brandeis ...

Uncommon Sense: Addiction As Moderator
MediaPost Communications
There is a stage in all addictions -- regardless of the narcotic -- when the addiction takes over as moderator of all our internal debates, when the addiction calls the shots and begins to dictate our behaviors and lives. Such is the case with our undeniable ...

Gambling Addiction Hard To Overcome
For the majority of people who gamble it`s for entertainment, but for a small percentage of gamblers it`s a consuming addiction. And one that`s easy to develop with the increasing gaming venues in North Dakota. It`s hard to describe the ... Like a shopping addiction, gambling is a process addiction which isn`t exclusive to any certain type of person, and the addict never intends the action to become a problem. "There`s such a range, such a variety you could have anyone from the streetwalker to the million dollar man,” ...

Former Celtics player's addiction-free message rings clear
Wareham Week
Photo by: Rishi Sidhu Former Boston Celtics player Christopher Herren speaks about his 14-year long battle with addiction during a talk at the Wareham High School auditorium on August 1. John Davidson of Marion was addicted to drugs. Christina Conway ...

Wareham Week

12 steps to overcome your fear of making choices in life
VOXXI (blog)
Laura Carbonell is a bilingual and bicultural language teacher at Casa Hispana in San Francisco, the place she calls home. She enjoys teaching, cooking, exercising, people, experimenting with beauty products, experiencing life, and writing about it.

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From brain to mouth: The psychology of obesity
Detroit Free Press
One of its studies, published last year in the Archives of General Psychiatry, gained attention for finding that food cues activated the same brain areas in those who score high on food addictionmeasures as drugs or alcohol do in those addicted to them.

Defiance, Not Hyperactivity, Linked to Drug Dependence
Researchers from the University of Montreal say that inattention symptoms are associated with a specific additional risk of nicotine addiction. ... “By taking into account the unique effect of inattention and hyperactivity, which had seldom been considered separately before, we came to realize that the link between ADHD symptoms in childhood and substance abuse in adulthood was overestimated and hyperactivity in itself did not seem, in this study, to predispose for futuresubstance abuse,” observed Jean-Baptiste ...

Cicinho says alcoholism ruins his career at Real Madrid
2 (Xinhua) -- Former Brazil international defender Cicinho has admitted his alcohol addictionalmost cost him his career. The 32-year-old, now playing with Brazilian Serie A club Sport, told Globoesporte his time at Real Madrid and Roma was wasted by an ...

Study: Child abuse causes depression and substance abuse | The ...
By Agence France-Presse
Topics: depression ♢ Hao Huang ♢ substance abuse. Children who suffer or witness physical abuse undergo changes to their brain structure that may predispose them to depression andsubstance abuse later in life, a study said Wednesday.
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More People Suffering From 'Device Addiction' « 99.5 WYCD ...
By Linda Lee
You'd think those who work in Silicon Valley, of all places, would want you to be dependent upon your smartphones and tablets—but increasingly, those in the tech industry are actually worried about our growing addiction to our devices.
99.5 WYCD Detroit's Best Country

Ex-addict gets 2nd chance at motherhood | Momaha Blogs
By Erin Grace
Once drug-addicted mother graduated from a family drug treatment court in Douglas County. Josie Loza: 12 lifestyle changes to look, feel better. I'm not one for crazy, lose-weight-in-10-days gimmicks. There are certain things in life I refuse to ...
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Whitney Houston's Death Raises Addiction Questions | FYI BeHealthy
How Is Addiction Treated? Most of us are familiar with 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Such programs, which offer intensive community support, can be very effective. But ultimately, the most effective addiction treatment varies from person to person, says substance abuse treatment expert Goldman. “Treatment is a very personal choice,” Goldman tells WebMD. “Nowadays there are many options: medications, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, ...
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Bill W and Alcoholics Anonymous « The Reality-Based Community
By Keith Humphreys
I greatly enjoyed being on KQED Forum the other day with Dan Carracino in a program about Bill W. and Alcoholics Anonymous. Dan and his friend Kevin Hanlon have created a documentary about Bill W. that is getting rave reviews and is ...
The Reality-Based Community

Feminism and Addiction– An Interview with Laura Schmidt | Points ...
By ttravis
A Phd in Sociology, she also holds Master's degrees in Public Health and Social Welfare. She is the author of dozens of articles on the complicated interrelationships among gender, race, poverty, addiction, and women's and family well-being, ...
Points: The Blog of the Alcohol...

In the process of recovering opiate addict (new here - SoberRecovery
By BallsOutBetty
Like every addict I have had some VERY close encounters with the law. I realize how lucky I am of benefit to you to look at. Suboxone/Methadone Maintenance or Detox - SoberRecovery :Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information ...

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