David Williams' Survival Through Drug Addiction

David Williams' Survival Through Drug Addiction Part 1/4 - his Soul Survivors video shows you David Williams' survival story through drug addiction part 1/4.

National voice on drug abuse research leaving her state post
Minneapolis Star Tribune
A drug abuse expert whose understanding of addiction has made her one of the nation's most respected voices in her field is retiring from service in Minnesota state government, the Department of Human Services announced Thursday. Carol Falkowski, the ...

Professional addiction the first step is admitting the problem
Dentistry IQ
During this time, they will be randomly drug tested and must provide 30 consecutive days of negative drug testing before being considered to return to work. The Diversion Evaluation Committee (DEC) will then determine whether he or she may safely ...

Dentistry IQ

Millennium Laboratories Launches New Assay to Detect Use of Kratom
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com
30, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ -- Millennium Laboratories, the leading research-based clinical diagnostic company dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from pain and/or addiction, announced today the introduction of a new urine drug test ...

Canton Pharmacy hit amid growing addiction problem
Canton Pharmacy has been broken into for a second time this summer — among several local pharmacy burglaries — as national experts point to a growing problem partly fueled by prescriptiondrug addiction and sales. The latest burglary occurred between ...

The End of Morphine & Heroin Addiction?
An international team of scientists has discovered a key mechanism that causes opioidaddiction — and there's a drug that can selectively block that addiction response, without damaging the brain or interfering with pain relief. According to a study ...


GWSMHS professor to study correlation between genetics and susceptibility to ...
With this grant, they will be able to determine which genes the miRNAs are dampening or turning off and which are important for drug addiction. By combining their expertise to study drug addiction, Lee and Elmer hope to find a way to therapeutically ...

Early cannabis addiction can cause mental decline
Windsor Star
She said the decline in IQ could not be explained by alcohol or other drug use or by having less education, and Meier said the key variable was the age people began to use pot. Meier said the study's message was clear: "Marijuana is not harmless, ...

Health Ministry to examine pupils for prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction
This year, a new part of preventive work on early detection of risk factors of child's consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco will be introduced, head of maternal and children's health department of the Health Ministry Olena Tereshchenko told a ...


Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan Holds Grand Opening of New Women's ...
Midland Daily News
Opening the new wing increases the number of students the facility can serve and help recover fromdrug addiction. The Ribbon Cutting participants were left-to-right: Sr. Executive Dir. Administration David Magdan, President Greater Albion Chamber of ...

Physical changes from alcoholism - crooked fingers - SoberRecovery
By wideninggyre
Hi everyone. I was casually speaking with a physician (we were not in a medical setting) and he mentioned that long term alcoholics often have crooked. ... Physical changes from alcoholism - crooked fingers ...

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