Is 'gaming addiction' a real disorder?

Is 'gaming addiction' a real disorder?
(CNN) -- Late last year, a video producer and I visited South Korea, which is said to be the global hub for gaming addiction, as well as gaming addiction treatment. There we .... And when you show an alcoholic or cocaine addict cues that look like people taking cocaine or the smell of cocaine or things like that, the brain lights up in the reward centers, or the pleasure areas, the same areas that light up when people or animals eat delicious food or have sex or engage in any behavior that leads to a feeling of pleasure.

A family problem: Loved ones often more affected by alcoholism than the addict
Dickinson Press
“I knew I was going to get drunk, and I didn't want to do it in front of my family,” said the 47-year-old who asked to remain anonymous to adhere to the principles of her 12-step recovery program. If she did go, she snuck drinks when she thought they wouldn't ...

Drug addict gets life term for killing handicapped
Zee News
Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau passed the sentence on drug addict Bantoo, dismissing his pleas for leniency and saying that a person cannot be allowed to kill another to satisfy his "physical cravings." Considering the international practice of reforming addicts, the court, however, directed the jail superintendent to provide him de-addiction treatment. "It is essential for the drug addicts to recognise that their addictive behaviour is on some level a choice and that they can choose differently," the court said while ...

From addiction to college: A life transformed
News & Observer
An addict by her early teens, Palestine was in the judicial system by her late teens, often homeless, and sometimes suicidal. Finally ... DURHAM -- Palestine Small's past has a lot of low points – from being taken from her mentally ill mother at the age of 5 to enduring beatings at the hands of her aunt to a long history of drugaddiction and violence. But at 46, she sees a ... With the help of Durham's TROSAsubstance abuse program, Small has beaten addiction and plans to devote her life to helping others. Already, she ...

News & Observer

Treatment court gives ex-addict a new lease on life
Standard Speaker
It wasn't the first time Mark W. Donovan had a brush with the law, as he had spent most of his life fueling his drug and alcohol addiction. Donovan said it wasn't until two to three days later in jail that he realized he did something serious. "I was probably one of ...

Standard Speaker

Drug addict gets life term for killing handicapped friend
Business Standard
"World over, those convicted of addiction-related crimes are ordered into treatment as part of their sentences...," the court said. According to police, 37-year-old Bantoo had murdered his handicapped drug addict friend Shyam after he refused to give him ...

MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers Outfielder Josh Hamilton Suffering From Tobacco ...
Rant Sports
If you know anything about Hamilton and his story, you know that he has overcome many difficult struggles throughout his career, including a serious drug addictionthat plagued his career after he was selected with the first overall pick in the 1999 MLB draft.

Rant Sports

Russell Brand still battles drug cravings
Toronto Sun
Russell Brand would rather be a drug addict than a famous comedian and actor. The funnyman, who previously battled drug addiction, made the shock confession while filming BBC Three documentary Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery, due to air in ...

New rules aim to curb drug abuse
The legislation, which still has to be signed by Governor Deval Patrick, addresses widespread abuse in Massachusetts of prescription painkillers — which often spirals into addictionproblems with dangerous opiates such as heroin — at a variety of levels: Doctors will be required to sign ... from opiate-related overdoses. He warns parents that when young people develop an addiction to painkillers, that often leads them to heroin, because pills on the street can cost an addict $250 per day while a bag of heroin is $10.

Brand confronted with junkie past
Herald Sun
In a new TV documentary, the comedian and actor confesses that he still yearns to be an addict, The Sun newspaper reports. For the BBC's "Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery", Brand sat in a hotel room at the Savoy and watched home video footage ...

Revealed: The £46bn cost of Britain's roulette machine addiction... and Labour ...
Daily Mail
The extent of Britain's addiction to controversial casino-style gambling machines is revealed today with the disclosure by two bookmaker giants that more than £12 billion was wagered on their machines in the first half of this year. William Hill said £6.6 billion ...

Daily Mail

Crack addict's five star dinners: Billionaire Hans Rausing orders food from top ...
Each evening at 6pm, a chauffeur collects dinner, wrapped in silver foil, from a five-star hotel and delivers it to Rausing, 49, at the Capio Nightingale clinic in West London, where he is being treated for drug addiction. Mercedes pulls up outside clinic Grubs up: ...

De'Andre McCullough: Baltimore drug addict who inspired 'The Corner' dies at ...
Daily Mail
He had a great sense of humor. And he was into a little marijuana. ... By the end of the year, he was sniffing heroin and cocaine.' His home life didn't help stave off drug taking as both his parents struggled with severe addiction. 'He was living in a rough house, ...

Daily Mail

Dr. James West dies at 98; a founder of Betty Ford Center
Los Angeles Times
Open about being a recovering alcoholic physician, West pioneered substance-abuseprograms in Illinois and in 1982 was named founding medical director of the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, now the most prominent center for treatment of chemical ... "This little bit of insight has prompted Dr. West to develop models of assessment and detoxification that have been duplicated around the world," wrote Ford, who had also been open about her personal battles with prescription drug addiction and alcohol.

Substance abuse claims soar
New Zealand Herald
"Doctors are much more likely these days to view addiction as no more 'self-inflicted' than traditional medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease are, and therefore are more likely to treat people with addictions with similar compassion and ...

New Zealand Herald

A teetotaller branded as 'alcoholic' loses her child
After making a miraculous recovery, the mother discovered that the social workers were assembling an extraordinary case against her: that she was “an excessive chronic drinker” and “a cocaine addict” (both disproved by several tests), and that her fall from ...

Response big to drug addiction story
Pauls Valley Daily Democrat
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma — It's been months since the story of a Pauls Valley man's battle for his life with a hard-core drug addiction hit the headlines. Even now Steve Pope is still getting plenty of reactions from readers. Pope told his story back in April of his ...

Local Family Fights Addiction One Case at a Time (press release)
Chris Ross, a recovered drug addict, has created a successful addiction treatment facility. After his ... Chris was just not the typical 12-step or standard rehab case; he struggled to gain control until he found the right treatment option that was tailored to his needs. ... Upon completion of hisaddiction treatment, and after his return home, Chris and his father sat down and wanted to figure out how they could best use his experiences to help other struggling drug addicts find the right treatment for their individual needs.

Rally spreads anti-heroin message
Alton Telegraph
COTTAGE HILLS - Drug addiction affects not just addicts but the ones who love them. It changes... Lisa M. of Alton is a member of Narcotics Anonymous and a recovering addict. She also ... I want to play a big part in NA's outreach and 12-step awareness.

Shame: The Core of Addiction and Codependency | Darlene Lancer
By Darlene Lancer, MFT
Shame is so painful to the psyche that most people will do anything to avoid it – even though it's a natural emotion that everyone h as. It's a physiologic response of the autonomic nervous system. You might blush, have a rapid heartbeat, break ...
Darlene Lancer

Behavioral Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse | information for ...
By gary
Behavioral Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse (BCT) is a family-based treatment approach for substance- and alcohol-abusing couples and their families. The assumption underlying BCT is that therapeutic interventions that are designed ...
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Chaos - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and ...
By resata
We had a descent relationship and she was an ok grandma to my kids. So the set back and the reason I am writing this is because my brother (twin brother) is now an alcoholic and drug addictand has been since he was 15. It is so hard for me ...
Help and Support for Spouses
Preventing an Addiction. There are many things ... Recognizing an Addiction. Accurately discerning ... Supporting Someone with an Addiction. As addicts work to ...

Baltimore drug addict who inspired "The Corner" and "The Wire - Fark
Baltimore drug addict who inspired "The Corner" and "The Wire" dies of ... It's really sad that he gave back in to his addiction and died at such a young age.

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