Garrett Reid's death highlights the difficulty of dealing with addiction

Garrett Reid's death highlights the difficulty of dealing with addiction
Philadelphia Inquirer
Reid's death has put a spotlight on addiction treatment, a field in which specialists are using state-of-the-art weapons — opioid antagonists and cognitive behavioral therapy, for example — to fight a deadly wave of prescription-drug abuse. Reid first discovered the painkiller OxyContin as a teenager.... This is something you have to maintain the rest of your life,'" she said. M.J., the 46-year-old recovering addict who answered Philadelphia's Narcotics Anonymous hot line Monday, said that Garrett Reid's death hit home.

Infant addiction and withdrawal are major concerns, new study finds
Deseret News
Dannelley's one month old daughter Savannah is being treated with methadone in a hospital for withdrawal while she and her mother both fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers. Associated Press. Summary. The number of babies suffering from ...

Deseret News

Is 'gaming addiction' a real disorder? (KNXV-TV)
I even went to Beijing to visit a hospital that is dedicated to what the Chinese call Internet addiction, and it was full of young men who had been brought in by their parents because they had been spending hours a day and neglecting their studies and their health, ... And when you show an alcoholic or cocaine addict cues that look like people taking cocaine or the smell of cocaine or things like that, the brain lights up in the reward centers, or the pleasure areas, the same areas that light up when people or animals eat ... (KNXV-TV)

Russell Brand would 'rather be a drug addict' than famous
CTV British Columbia News
Russell Brand, the provocative British comedian who has been sober for more than 10 years after previously battling heroin addiction, confessed he would give up his current success to get back his old life on narcotics during an interview for his new BBC ...

Family: Garrett Reid "lost the battle" with drug addiction
ABC2 News
PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid says his family is leaning on faith, family, friends and the Eagles' family for support in the wake of his son Garrett's death. Funeral services are scheduled for today for 29-year-old Garrett Reid, who was...

ABC2 News

Reid Family Statement Cites Garrett's Eight-Year Battle With Addiction
Garry Cobb
Understandably, Eagles head coach Andy Reid wasn't at practice on Sunday and he wasn't there yesterday either because he's spending time with his family. Today is an off day for the team and later this morning coach Reid will bury his eldest son, Garrett.

Garry Cobb

'Rather be a drug addict than famous'
BigPond News
Russell Brand has claimed he "would rather be a drug addict" than be famous in a shocking confessional during his new BBC documentary 'Russell Brand: FromAddiction to Recovery'. The provocative British comedian - who has been sober for more than 10 ...

BigPond News

How Can a Sex Addict Regain Trust? (blog)
Even after a sex addict has admitted the problem and has gone into treatment for sexually addictive behaviors like serial affairs, excessive porn use, or compulsive cybersex (to name just a few), it is normal for spouses and partners to feel hurt, angry and ... (blog)

FCI Ray Brook graduates 23 from educational program
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise
RAY BROOK - The Federal Correctional Institution here recently graduated 23 students from its Advanced Occupational Education Program in Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Studies. The program qualifies its graduates for entry-level employment as alcohol and ... The program is administered by St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers in Saranac Lake, which has provided CASAC instruction at FCI for the past decade. Each year, 25 inmates are selected for the program after a comprehensive ...

Russell Brand Sports New Religious Tattoo (PHOTOS)
Russell Brand is making his recovery from drug addiction a permanent fixture: the actor just got a religious passage often recited in Alcoholics Anonymous tattooed on his arm. The British lothario, 37, ... that he misses being junkie. “This is when you know it's a disease,” he says. “It doesn't matter that I sat in that flat in Hackney and now I'm in the Savoy. I'm jealous of me then. It doesn't make a difference to me. The money, the fame, the power, the sex, the women — none of it,” he says. “I'd rather be a drug addict.” ...

Russell Brand admits he would “rather be a drug addict”
... admits he would “rather be a drug addict”. Russell Brand managed to overcome his devastating heroin addiction to become a Hollywood actor and globally successful comic, but in a frank interview the funnyman reveals that he'd still rather be a drug addict.

All these years later, addiction remains
Salt Lake Tribune
All these years later, addiction remains. First Published 7 hours ago • Updated 7 hours ago. Dear Carolyn • I would like your advice. I have been married for 25-plus years to a great guy with one exception, his interest in porn. I knew during the three years we ...

Heroin addict who stole from wife's aunt is spared prison
Oxford Mail
A HEROIN addict stole jewellery from his wife's aunt while she trusted him to look after her dogs. Graham Jackson, 31, from Pye Street, Faringdon, helped himself to jewellery worth more than £10000 while looking after his aunt-in-law Linda Sheppard's dogs.

Newmarket Ontario Welcomes End Addiction Recovery Center
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
The End Addiction Recovery Center is bringing addiction recovery to new heights. With the help of an absolutely needed location nestled in the area of north Newmarket, families and loved ones can rest assure that addiction can be conquered or at the very ...

Update: ethics of drug addiction research in China - blog*spot
By Stuart Rennie
Update: ethics of drug addiction research in China. When we last left off with this story, Human Rights Watch (HRW) raised questions about a published research study conducted among Chinese drug users in what are called local 'drug ...
Global bioethics blog

Preaching About Pornography and Addiction – Homiletic & Pastoral ...
By Dr. John Splinter, Ph.D.
The themes within that topic are revolting: internet pornography, sexually oriented businesses, prostitution, child porn, sexual addiction. While nobody doubts God's ability to heal the broken, few come to church wishing to hear a homily on this ...
Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Bottling Up vs. Sharing: Talking About Your Addiction « The Ranch ...
By Vera
When you are in the process of recovering from an addiction, talking about your illness can be an important part of the healing process.
The Ranch | Drug Rehab Eating...

Web-Based Suicide and Substance Abuse Screening Training for ...
By coptermedic
From Kognito: According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, ten percent of those who complete suicide have been seen in an ED in the two months prior to death. Furthermore, with a growing understanding of alcohol and substance ...
The ACUTE CARE Blog: Non-Urban...

21 Year Old Depressive Alcoholic | the suicide project - suicide stories
By TheHemingWay
Hello my fellows, you lovely miserable wretches! Let me take this opportunity to tell you something about myself. I'm a writer with a volatile past of drinking and episodes of severe depression. I've recently been sober for nearly a week, and ...
the suicide project

From addiction to college: A life transformed - News - NewsObserver ...
An addict by her early teens, Palestine was in the judicial system by her late teens, ... TROSAsubstance abuse program, Small has beaten addiction and plans to ... Her mother was a paranoid schizophrenic, and her father was an alcoholic ...

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